Unseen passage for Class 4 English - 40 Worksheets

Practicing Olympiadtester's online worksheets on unseen passages for Class 4 is an excellent way to boost reading comprehension skills and increase scores in the CBSE English exam. These MCQ based comprehension passages are an essential part of the CBSE exam, covering around 5 to 20 marks.

Unseen passages usually consist of a comprehension passage followed by questions, which can be either multiple-choice, descriptive, or fill in the blanks. Our collection includes all types of questions, and we provide answers to all questions.

These passages are designed to help students improve their vocabulary, grammar, and sentence construction. With regular practice of our worksheets, CBSE Class 4 students can improve their exam preparation and score high marks in this important section of the English exam.

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Unseen passage for Class 4 English - Worksheet 1

It was the day of the basketball selection test at my school. I was in the school hall, hoping to be selected. I was nervous as there were many girls who seemed much taller than me. I usually played basketball for fun with my friends.

At the start of the selection test, we were told to find a partner. The coaches passed us the ball and we dribbled it up and down the court. It was quite easy. Next, we had to run sideways while passing the ball to our partners. The coaches wrote down some notes as they watched our performance.

Halfway through the selection test, some of the girls who were not selected left the hall. I heaved a sigh of relief as I had made it through to the next stage. Before long, only ten participants were left in the hall. After that, we were placed into two teams. I prepared myself for the final match.

Our team was determined to win. It was a tough game as the other team had some excellent players. At the final moment, I managed to steal the ball from a reckless opponent. Then, I glanced at the clock.

We had one minute left. I ran to the hoop and aimed the ball at it. I threw the ball and it passed through the hoop! Beep! The game ended. One of the coaches gave me a thumbs up. I smiled as I knew I was going to be accepted into the school basketball team.

Q 1. The author was worried as ______ . [1 mark]

  • 1. she needed to find a partner

  • 2. there were girls taller than her

  • 3. she was alone in the school hall

  • 4. she was playing basketball with her friends

Q 2. Who did the following activities. Tick( ✓) your chosen answer.  [3marks] 

  • They dribbled the ball - (Participants   /    Coaches)

  • They passed the ball to each other - (Participants   /    Coaches)

  • They watched the performance - (Participants   /    Coaches)

Q 3. In the sentence - "It was a tough game as the other team had some excellent players", which word has the same meaning as 'difficult'?  [1mark]

  • tough

  • excellent

Q 4. How did the author know she had made it to the school team at the end of the selection test?

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1 mark]
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1 mark]

Q 5. These statements show what happened in the story. Put them in the right sequence, according to the information provided in the passage. Write 1, 2 and 3 in the brackets [1 m]

  • The author looked for a partner. [      ]

  • The author aimed the ball at the hoop. [     ]

  • The author took the ball from another player. [     ]

Unseen passage #1 - Answers

  • 1. Option 2

  • 2. Participants, Participants, Coaches

  • 3. Tough

  • 4. One of the coaches gave her a thumbs up, She threw the ball into the hoop at the last minute.

  • 5. 1, 3, 2

Unseen passage for Class 4 English - Worksheet 2

Bobby lived in a village near a mountain. He always dreamt of climbing to the top of the mountain to enjoy the view. However, he tried many times to reach the top but failed. He would start climbing early in the morning but would give up when it became too bright to see clearly. The villagers knew about this but did not offer him any advice. Bobby was always afraid that they would laugh at him for his failed attempts. Only Piper, his best friend, would offer him advice and encouragement.

One morning, Piper gave him a pair of sunglasses. "Put this pair of sunglasses on if it gets too bright later," he said. Bobby nodded before making his way up the mountain. Piper reminded him not to give up. Halfway up the mountain, the sun shone into Bobby's eyes, making them uncomfortable. Then he remembered Piper's advice. He quickly put on the sunglasses. To his amazement, he could see the top of the mountain.

Feeling confident, Bobby kept climbing and finally arrived at the top of the mountain. The view was fantastic. Bobby was delighted. When he removed the pair of sunglass~s, _he was surprised to find something unusual about it. He then noticed that Piper had drawn the outline of the top of the mountain on the sunglasses.

Bobby then realised that Piper wanted him to think that the top of the_ mountain was not too far away from him. Piper knew that if Bobby could see the top of the mountain, he would not lose hope. The only thing that was stopping Bobby from achieving his goal was himself. That day, Bobby learnt about being determined and not giving up easily. He was thankful to have a wonderful friend like Piper.

Q 1) Bobby's dream was to _________ . [1 mark]

  1. see the mountain clearly

  2. get advice from the villagers

  3. climb the mountain with Piper

  4. enjoy the view from the mountain

Q 2) What happened to Bobby when he was halfway up the mountain? [1 mark]


Q 3) Who does the word 'he' in paragraph 2 refer to? [1 mark]


Q 4) Bobby was surprised because _______ . [1 m]

  1. he had reached the top of the mountain

  2. the view at the top of the mountain was fantastic

  3. there was an outline of the mountain on the sunglasses

Q 5) Read each statement and tick( ✓) "True" or "False". [3 marks]

  1. Piper wore the sunglasses. [True / False]

  2. Bobby listened to Piper's advice. [True / False]

  3. Piper could see the top of the mountain. [True / False]

    Q 6) These statements show what happened in paragraphs 2 and 3. Put them in the right sequence, according to the information provided in the passage. Write 1, 2 and 3 within the brackets [1 mark]

    • Bobby took off the sunglasses. [ ]

    • Bobby examined the sunglasses carefully. [ ]

    • Bobby agreed to wear the sunglasses. [ ]

    Q 7) Why was Piper a wonderful friend to Bobby? [2 marks]



    Unsee passage 2 -Answers

    Answer to Q1 - Option 4

    Answer to Q2 - It because too bright to see what was ahead.

    Answer to Q3 - Piper

    Answer to Q4 - there was an outline of the mountain on the sunglasses.

    Answer to Q5 - False, True, False

    Answer to Q6 - 2, 3 ,1

    Answer to Q7 - Bobby learned about being determined and did not give up on his dream because of Piper.

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