20 Free NSO Sample papers for Class 1

The questions and pattern in 20 Free NSO sample papers for Class 1 of Olympiadtester, are designed to help your child ace the National Science Olympiad of SOF. 

The HOT (higher order thinking) questions in our sample papers are based on previous year question papers and the expected pattern in the upcoming Olympiad in science.

Our Class 1 NSO sample papers are available in PDF format or can be solved online. By taking online tests, students can benchmark their scores against global peers and get a merit certificate for scores over 70%.

Solve Olympiadtester's NSO sample papers for Class 1 today and boost your child's chances of getting a top rank at the international, national and zonal level.

NSO Science Olympiad Class 1 - 20 Sample papers

NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 1 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 2
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 3 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 4
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 5 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 6
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 7 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 8
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 9 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 10
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 11 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 12
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 13 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 14
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 15 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 16
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 17 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 18
NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 19 NSO Class 1 - Sample paper 20

FAQs - Class 1 NSO Sample papers

Q1. Why should I choose Olympiadtester's sample papers for Class 1 NSO preparation?

A: Olympiadtester's sample papers are expertly crafted to help students prepare for the NSO Class 1 Olympiad effectively. They provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and give students ample practice opportunities to hone their skills. Additionally, Olympiadtester's sample papers have helped many students achieve top international ranks and gold medals.

Q2. Are the NSO sample papers available in both online and PDF formats?

A: Yes, Olympiadtester provides NSO sample papers in both online and PDF formats for the convenience of students.

Q3. Are answer keys available for the NSO sample papers?

A: Yes, Olympiadtester provides answer keys at the end of the PDF sample papers for students to self-assess their performance.

Q4. How are the scores and results provided for the online sample papers?

A: Olympiadtester provides a complete score report with explanations for the online sample papers to help students identify their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Q5. Are merit certificates issued for scoring good marks in the sample papers?

A: Yes, Olympiadtester instantly issues merit certificates for students scoring more than 70% marks in the sample papers to encourage and motivate them.

Q6. Are there any limits to the number of attempts for online tests?

A: No, Olympiadtester allows unlimited attempts for online tests, so students can practice as many times as they want.

Q7. Where can I find the NSO syllabus for Class 1?

A: The NSO syllabus for Class 1 can be accessed through the following link: [Click here].

Q8. How many free sample papers does Olympiadtester provide for Class 1 NSO?

A: Olympiadtester provides 20 free sample papers, the highest number by far, for Class 1 NSO to help students practice and prepare effectively.

Q9. Apart from sample papers, does Olympiadtester provide any other free study materials for NSO preparation?

A: Yes, Olympiadtester provides various free study materials such as online mock tests, HOT (Higher Order Thinking) Questions to crack the achievers section, and chapter-wise practice tests for NSO preparation.

Preparation tips - Class 1 NSO

  • Attempt all chapter-wise sample papers: Students should start by attempting all the chapter-wise sample papers before attempting mock tests. This will help them to assess their understanding of each chapter and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Regularly solve Olympiadtester's sample mock test papers: Regularly solving Olympiadtester's sample mock test papers will give students a real exam-like experience and help them to understand the exam pattern and types of questions asked.

  • Don't get stuck at one question: Students should not spend too much time on one question. If they get stuck, they should move on and come back to the question later.

  • Attempt all questions: Since there is no negative marking in the NSO exam, students should attempt all questions even if they are not sure about the answer.

  • Manage your time effectively: Time management is crucial in the NSO exam. Students should practice by timing their tests, and they should try to complete the paper within the given time limit. Online sample papers, in particular, will end on time.

  • Learn from your mistakes: Students should learn from their mistakes and focus on areas of improvement. This will help them to do better in the next mock test or exam.

  • Check out Olympiadtester's HOT questions bank: The HOT questions bank of Olympiadtester is an excellent resource for students preparing for the NSO exam. These questions are designed to challenge students and help them to crack the achiever's section.



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