20 Free IMO sample papers for Class 8

20 Free IMO sample papers for Class 8 of Olympiadtester will help you ace the upcoming SOF International Mathematics Olympiad. These class 8 IMO sample papers are based on previous year question papers and expected pattern. There is a special focus on HOT (Higher order thinking) questions to crack the achiever's section with confidence.

20 Class 8 IMO Sample papers - Solve now

Why Olympiadtester's Class 8 IMO Sample papers?

Class 8 IMO Sample papers of Olympiadtester #1 in IMO Preparation since 2015

The IMO Sample papers for Class 8 offered by Olympiadtester provide numerous benefits to students, including:

Improved Exam Preparation: With Olympiadtester's proven track record and experience in IMO exam preparation, students can effectively prepare for the Class 8 IMO exam and improve their chances of achieving a top score.

Access to World-Class Content: Olympiadtester offers an extensive range of free content to students that is unparalleled by any other Maths Olympiad preparation platform. Students can access high-quality study material and practice questions to enhance their Math concepts.

Higher Order Thinking Questions: Olympiadtester's IMO sample papers for Class 8 include higher-order thinking (HOT) questions that are designed to challenge and engage students, helping them to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Flexible Learning: The sample papers can be solved as online tests or as PDF worksheets, providing students with the flexibility to choose a learning format that suits them best.

Recognition for Achievement: Olympiadtester issues merit certificates to students who score more than 70% in online tests, which recognizes and celebrates their hard work and achievement.

  • Global Comparison: Olympiadtester shares the global scoring pattern with students, allowing them to compare their performance with their peers from around the world and assess their exam readiness.

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