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Olympiad Preparation

Olympiadtester conducts daily online practice mock tests for Olympiad exam preparation in Science, Maths, Cyber, English, G.K and Reasoning. 
Also, we have a huge Higher Order Thinking Question Bank - HOT Bank which is updated on a daily basis.

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Global Assessments

Global Online Talent Assessment for kids - GOTAK allow parents to benchmark the concepts of their kids without putting pressure. 
Parents from 13+ Countries trust GOTAK due to the proctoring and transparent Global scoring pattern. 

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CBSE NEP - Brain Games

CBSE National education policy - NEP has a clear direction to move away from rote learning to applying concepts thorough brain racking activities. 
We have a vast collection of crosswords and other brain games in Science. English. G.K & Social Sciences. 

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OCS Certifications

Olympiadtester Certified Students - OCS Assessment exams are very high level certification exams conducted to deeply test the concepts of the child in Science, Maths, English, Cyber, Reasoning and G.K. 
Students need to score >90%.

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Olympiadtester provides 450+ printable worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten (LKG and UKG) students. 
These printable pdf worksheets will lay a strong foundation in Science, Maths, English, G.K and Problem solving skills. 

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General Knowledge

Olympiadtester has a vast question bank, online MCQ quizzes and flashcards for junior as well as senior students. 
Highly popular amongst students to prepare for G.K Olympiads and G.K section of competitive exams.

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English Vocabulary

The vocabulary section will help students master 6000+ critical words, 1000+ Idioms and phrases, 1500+ special words with the help of highly effective learning tools like online flashcards, memory games and MCQ quizzes. Higly effective for competitive exams.

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Puzzles & Riddles

Puzzles for kids include online crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, sliding & hangman puzzles, word search puzzles, word scramble puzzles etc. 
These puzzles enhance their problem solving skills while learning new Science and G.K facts in a fun filled way.  

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Olympiadtester has a huge collection of online tests across logical reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning and Verbal reasoning. 
Highly effective to crack the reasoning section in Olympiads and competitive exams. 

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