Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme 2022

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Applications are invited for Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme 2022 the age group of 10-14 years. The last date of application is 30 April.


The object of the scheme is to provide facilities to outstanding talented children selected in the age group of 10 to 14 years (as per the cut off eligibility dates), studying either in recognized schools or belonging to families practicing traditional performing arts for getting specialized training in various cultural fields such as traditional forms of music, dance, drama, painting, sculpture, crafts and literary arts, laying special emphasis on rare art forms, which are in the process of becoming extinct.

Nature of Scholarship

Subject to availability of funds, the maximum number of fresh scholarships to be awarded every year will be 650, of which 100 scholarships are marked for Tribal Culture/Scheduled Tribe children (those who possess a valid ‘ST certificate issued by competent authority), 125 are reserved for children of families practicing traditional arts, etc. (TAF-which are continuously practicing art form(s) for the minimum previous 03 generations), 20 for differently abled children (having valid disability certificate) and 30 in the field of Creative Writing/Literary Arts (for those who have evidences of their original work). The remaining 375 scholarships will be treated as general scholarships.


The talented children in the age group of 10 to 14 years (as per the cut off eligibility dates), studying in the recognized schools will be eligible to apply under the Scheme.

The children whose parent’s/guardian’s total monthly income is less than 8000/- only (Eight Thousand Only) per month will be given preference for the award of scholarship. However, the criteria of talent and potential will be taken into consideration for all the candidates.


The Scholarship awarded under the scheme will be initially for two years at a time and is renewable after every two years till the completion of the first university degree stage of education or up to the age of 20 years, whichever is earlier, subject to the awardee maintaining satisfactory progress. However, if the Half-Yearly Progress Reports are not submitted in time regularly, then the decision regarding discontinuation can be taken any time without prior notice, as and when required.

The payment of scholarship will start from the date which may be specified by the CCRT or from the date on which the admission is obtained in the approved course in an institution or with the approved Guru, whichever is later.


Application for the scholarship should be submitted by the parents/guardians in the prescribed latest form in one art form only, after getting necessary recommendations from school/ institution and Guru/teacher, where the applicant is studying and receiving training respectively and must be received directly in the CCRT, New Delhi by the prescribed last date. The CCRT may take the help of Central Board of Secondary Education, Education Boards of State Govts, and other Non-Governmental Voluntary Organizations in identifying the talented students in various field (s).


For recommending the candidates to be called for Interview/Test, the CCRT will constitute a Central

Selection Committee, whose decision shall be final. Only the recommended candidates will be informed by post about the dates, timings and venue of the Interviews/Tests which are expected to be conducted at Regional level from the month of June to August, 2022 onwards. The children appearing for the Interviews/Tests for the award of new scholarships will be assessed/evaluated on the scale of 1 (one) to 10(ten) marks by each Expert Committee Member and children will be recommended for scholarship(s) on the basis of total marks obtained by them, strictly in order of Merit, subject to availability of number(s) of scholarships(s), for that year.

Scholarship Value

1) The value of the scholarship will be 3600/-(Three thousand Six Hundred Only) per year.

ii) The actual fee paid for the specialized training to the Institution or to the Guru/teacher shall be reimbursed to the scholarship holder in addition to the value of scholarship indicated under (i) above, subject to a ceiling of 9000/-(2 Nine Thousand only) per year. All payments of scholarship shall be made in the bank account of authorized parent/guardian of scholarship holders, by NEFT/ECS/RTGS directly, who shall be responsible to pay the approved tuition fee to the Guru/teacher and send the payment receipts duly signed by him and Guru/Teacher also.



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