Free NSO mock tests for Class 1 to 10

Free weekly NSO mock tests for Class 1 to 10 are conducted online by Olympiadtester. To ace the upcoming SOF Science Olympiad, take these mock tests regularly.

These MCQ based online mock tests have sample questions based on previous year NSO question papers and expected pattern of questions. The higher order thinking (HOT) questions in the mock tests will help students ace the "achiever's section" of the Science Olympiad with ease and confidence.


Tips and Instructions for NSO Mock tests

NSO Mock tests for Class 1 to 10 - Olympiadtester
  • Attempt the NSO mock tests, only after you have mastered the chapter-wise tests and the sample papers.

  • You are allowed only 1 mock test per week. Ensure that you are not disturbed during the test as you are not allowed to save and resume.

  • The questions in each mock test is aligned to the latest NSO syllabus issued by SOF.

  • Instant score report along with explanations is shared on submission of the mock test. Take out quality time to see the explanations to identify your areas of weakness and strengths.

  • You will get an online merit certificate if your score is >70%. Enter your name correctly as you would like it to appear on the certificate.

  • You are allowed to review all your answers before submission. Do not submit in a hurry. Utilise the full 1 hour of the mock test.

  • There is no negative marking. Do not get stuck in one question. You can always come back to it, time permitting.

  • Take the mock test every week without fail, starting two months before the actual SOF Science Olympiad.



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