Class 1 IEO Topper's guide

Class 1 IEO Topper's prep guide of has online mock tests, chapter-wise practice tests, sample question papers with syllabus and pdf worksheets. 

Class 1 English Olympiads like Class 1 SOF IEO Syllabus has the following chapters - Jumbled Letters, Words : Their Meanings and Opposites, Identify the Word From the Picture, Making a Word, Word Power, Feminine and Masculine, One and Many, Word Pairs, Odd One Out, Animals : Their Babies, Sounds and Groups, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Conjunctions, Articles, Prepositions, Adjectives, Basic tenses, Punctuation, Comprehension (Prose and Poetry), Picture Composition Spoken and Written Expression.

Achievers Section of Class 1 English Olympiad exams has Higher Order Thinking Questions based on the above given Syllabus.

Since the syllabus of Class 1 English Olympiad exams is the same as that of the Engish syllabus followed by schools across all boards, students can use the text books prescribed by schools as the study material and take the help of assessment tests designed by Olympiadtester to further enhance their concepts and knowledge of the subject.

Olympiadtester is the most preferred English Olympiad preparation platform of #1 International rankers and gold medallists. 


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Class 1 IEO English Olympiad Online mock test has higher order thinking questions as per the IEO ...

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Class 1 IEO English Olympiad online practice tests across all chapters as per SOF syllabus and ex...

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Frequently asked questions

Where can i see the free Olympiad exam preparation guide for my child?

Free Olympiad exam preparation guide of Olympiadtester has separate prep guides for Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiads, English Olympiads, Cyber Olympiads and G.K Olympiads. The home page for Olympiad prep guide for each class is shared below. On clicking the link, you will be guides to all Olympiad prep guides of your child's class.

  • Class 1 - Olympiad exam preparation guide - Click here 
  • Class 2 - Olympiad exam preparation guide - Click here 
  • Class 3 - Olympiad exam preparation guide - Click here 
  • Class 4 - Olympiad exam preparation guide - Click here 
  • Class 5 - Olympiad exam preparation guide - Click here 
  • Class 6 - Olympiad exam preparation guide - Click here 
  • Class 7 - Olympiad exam preparation guide - Click here 
  • Class 8 - Olympiad exam preparation guide - Click here 

What free study material does Olympiadtester provide for Olympiad exam preparation?

Olympiadtester has delivered 3.75 million+ tests and worksheets for Olympiad exam preparation. Our free study material for Science Olympiads, Maths Olympiads, English Olympiad, Cyber Olympiads and G.K Olympiads includes:

  • Online mock tests
  • Chapter-wise practice tests
  • Sample model question papers
  • PDF Worksheets
  • Higher order thinking (HOT) questions
  • Previous year questions 

Olympiadtester is the preferred Olympiad exam preparation platform of #1 international rankers and gold medalists. 

Why should my child appear for Olympiads?

Competitive exams like the Olympiads are very valuable as they help the students develop major concepts in subjects like Maths, Science, Cyber, English with their existing knowledge in these subjects helping them to excel academically.

What are Olympiad exams?

Olympiads are competitive exams for Class 1 to Class 12 students, that are held every year both on national and international levels in Science, Maths, English, Cyber, G.K and other subjects. They provide a platform to the students to participate and compete with other students across the country with similar academic background.

Through these Olympiads children get an opportunity to develop strong analytical and logical mind which immensely helps them to develop deep understanding of the subjects that are covered in the school curriculum by CBSE, ICSE and State Boards.

What are the main Olympiad exams?

Following are the main Olympiad exams for Class 1 to Class 12 students:

  • Main Science Olympiads - National Science Olympiad (NSO), National Science Talent Search Exam (NSTSE), International Olympiad of Science (iOS). 
  • Main Maths Olympiads - International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), Unified International Mathematics Olympiad (UIMO), International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM). 
  • Main English Olympiads - International English Olympiad (IEO), Unified International English Olympiad (UIEO), International Olympiad in English language (iOEL), 
  • Main Cyber Olympiads - National Cyber Olympiad (NCO), Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO), International informatics Olympiad (iIO). 
  • Main G.K Olympiads - IGKO, SKGKO

Who are the organizers of Olympiad exams?

Following are the organizers who conduct popular Olympiad exams on an annual basis.

  • Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) conducts NSO, NCO, IMO, IEO and IGKO.
  • Unified Council conducts NSTSE, UIMO, UCO and UIEO. 
  • Silverzone foundation conducts iOS, iOM, iOEL, iIO and SKGKO. 

How does my child appear for Olympiads?

Normally, the schools register with the Olympiad organizers and students need to appear through the school. 



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