Online sliding puzzles for kids

Olympiadtester has designed online sliding block puzzles for kids so that they can learn new facts in a fun filled manner while enhancing their problem solving skills. In these puzzles, numbered tiles, or tiles need to be manipulated to form a lovely picture.

Online sliding puzzles are the difficult format of the traditional puzzle and tests the brain of the child. In fact, these brain games can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The sliding puzzle is fixed in a frame and only one piece can be moved at a time.


  • Click one of the tiles closest to the empty space and slide it into the empty space.
  • Keep clicking the tiles to move them into the empty spaces. Faster you solve the sliding puzzle (with fewer moves), higher will be your score.
  • Try to get any one of the rows lined up properly as per the tile order. To make it easier, keep this row together as you slide the tiles Consider each puzzle piece carefully and try to figure out where it will go in the puzzle.
  • If you do not think ahead, your future moves can ruin your previous slides. This can be very frustrating.


  • Sliding block puzzles have been delighting puzzles solvers for more than a century.
  • The credit for the first sliding puzzle goes to Noyes Chapman. In 1880, he used 15 tiles instead of a picture for his puzzle.
  • The puzzle was ann instant hit and the rest is history as they say. Today, sliding puzzles are a favourite pastime with all puzzle lovers.


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