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Our daily updated free online jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to challenge your brain, improve problem-solving skills, and expand your general knowledge. With varying levels of difficulty from 6 to 108 pieces, they're perfect for all ages and skill levels. Start solving now

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Tips to solve online jigsaw puzzles

Online jigsaw puzzles - Tips to solve Online jigsaw puzzles made easy

To solve our jigsaw puzzles quickly, read the following tips carefully:

1. Separate the pile of the jigsaw pieces first.

2. Check the outlines of the frame within which the puzzle needs to be solved. 

3. Start by solving the jigsaw pieces along the border of the puzzle.

4. As you solve the border pieces, work your way into the center of the puzzle.

Remember, the less time you take to solve a puzzle, the higher your score will be.

benefits of playing our online jigsaw puzzles

Benefits of online jigsaw puzzles Benefits of online jigsaw puzzles

Here are some benefits of online jigsaw puzzles of Olympiadtester:

Improves problem-solving skills: Solving jigsaw puzzles online requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Enhances cognitive function: Solving jigsaw puzzles online requires concentration and attention to detail, which can enhance cognitive function and memory.

Provides a fun and engaging activity: Online jigsaw puzzles on Olympiadtester are fun and engaging, making them an enjoyable way to pass the time or relieve stress.

Offers a range of difficulty levels: Olympiadtester offers online jigsaw puzzles of various difficulty levels, ranging from 6 to 108 pieces, making them suitable for users of different ages and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's a puzzle for everyone on Olympiadtester.

Provides educational and general knowledge benefits: Olympiadtester's online jigsaw puzzles can be both educational and informative. Most online jigsaw puzzles also include trivia and interesting facts about the puzzle's subject matter, providing an additional learning experience for users.

Interesting facts - jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles were first invented in the 1760s by John Spilsbury, a British mapmaker, who used them to teach geography to children.

The world's largest jigsaw puzzle was completed in 2011 and had 551,232 pieces. It measured 27 feet by 6 feet and depicted a wildlife scene.

Completing jigsaw puzzles has been shown to improve cognitive function, memory, and problem-solving skills in both children and adults.

The most expensive jigsaw puzzle ever sold was a hand-cut wooden puzzle called "The Bombardment of Algiers" that was made in the 1800s. It sold for $27,000 in 2015.

Some people collect jigsaw puzzles as a hobby and enjoy solving them repeatedly or displaying them as works of art.

There are many different types of jigsaw puzzles, including traditional flat puzzles, 3D puzzles, and puzzle balls.

In 2020, the demand for jigsaw puzzles surged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as people spent more time at home and looked for ways to entertain themselves.

Jigsaw puzzles can be used for therapeutic purposes and are sometimes recommended by mental health professionals to reduce stress and anxiety.

Some jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts compete in speed-solving contests, attempting to complete a puzzle as quickly as possible.

The world's largest jigsaw puzzle collection belongs to Anne Williams of Ohio, who has over 1,028 puzzles and has been recognized by Guinness World Records.



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