Online jigsaw puzzles

Our online jigsaw puzzles are designed to improve problem-solving skills while enhancing knowledge in a fun way. These online jigsaw puzzles are the perfect brain games for kids and adults as they can be solved at varying levels of difficulty (8-106 pieces).

Our jigsaw puzzle collection covers a wide range of topics like animals, plants, famous landmarks, famous personalities, and country flags. Each puzzle topic is accompanied by interesting facts collated by experts at Olympiadtester.

We add new and unique online jigsaw puzzles daily to ensure that the excitement of successfully solving them remains alive. So, what are you waiting for? Join us in the world of Online Jigsaw Puzzles at Olympiadtester, where learning meets fun. The latest jigsaw puzzles for each category are shared below.


Q) Which age group should solve your online jigsaw puzzles?

Each jigsaw puzzle can be solved at different difficulty levels (6 to 108 pieces). So, our jigsaw puzzles can be solved by folks from any age group. Keep increasing the difficulty level as you increase your puzzle-solving skills.

Q) Can you share some tips to solve your online jigsaw puzzles?

To solve our jigsaw puzzles quickly, read the following instructions carefully:

  1. Separate the pile of the jigsaw pieces first.

  2. Check the outlines of the frame within which the puzzle needs to be solved. 

  3. Start by solving the jigsaw pieces along the border of the puzzle.

  4. As you solve the border pieces, work your way into the center of the puzzle.

Remember, the less time you take to solve a puzzle, the higher your score will be.

Q) When and how did the origin of jigsaw puzzles take place?

The origins of jigsaw puzzles can be traced back to the late 18th century when John Spilsbury, a London mapmaker, created the first known puzzle around 1760.

Spilsbury mounted a map onto wood, cut it into pieces, and thus birthed a novel educational tool for teaching geography. The term "jigsaw puzzle" emerged from the tool used for cutting, characterized by intricate and irregular edges.



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