Online jigsaw puzzle - Country flag of Dominicia

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Learn facts about the country flag of Dominicia while you try to solve this online jigsaw puzzle for kids with 6 to 108 pieces or at various difficulty levels (Easy, Medium or Hard). This brain game will help your child's problem solving skills while improving the general knowledge. 


The flag of the Caribbean island Dominica, which has been adopted in November 1978, consists of a grass green leaf. A cross composed of three stripes (yellow, black and white) passes through the flag. In the middle of the cross, a national bird of Dominica (sisserou parrot royal ) in the red circle and surrounded by ten green stars is depicted .

The stars represent ten communes of the island, yellow refers to the indigenous people and commodities typical of the island - bananas and citruses. Black stripe refers to the color of local residents and volcanic activity of the island, whereas white color traditionally stands for peace and crystal clear waters of the local rivers.

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