Online jigsaw puzzle - Country flag - Saint Lucia

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Learn facts about "Saint Lucia" while you try to solve this "online jigsaw puzzle on country flags" with 6 to 108 pieces or at various difficulty levels (Easy, Medium or Hard)


The flag of the island nation of St. Lucia is composed of a pale blue sheet where a black isosceles triangle whose legs are framed with white color is placed. This triangle shares its base with another yellow triangle whose legs are much shorter compared to the black triangle. Blue sheet, same as in the case of other island states, represents ocean that washes the shores of the island.

Triangles should evoke so called Pitons - typical lava rocks located on the island. The flag was designed by artist Dunstan St. Omori and it has been adopted in 1979 when St. Lucia gained independence from the Great Britain.

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