Online jigsaw puzzle - Country flag of Cuba

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Learn facts about the flag of Cuba while you try to solve the Online jigsaw puzzle for kids with 6 to 108 pieces or at various difficulty levels (Easy, Medium or Hard). 



The Cuban flag consists of five horizontal stripes where two are white and three are blue. In the left part of the flag, a red triangle and a white five-pointed star are located. The flag was adopted in 1902, but it was designed already in 1849 by Narciso Lopez. Lopez was fighting for independence from Spain and he wanted Cuba to join the United States. And that is why he placed there one white star (in Spanish "Estrella Solitaria"), which, according to his plan, should later become one of the stars on the American flag.

This vision, however, never materialized and Cuba became a communist country. Three blue stripes denote three Cuban departments, white purity of ideals of people fighting for independence, and red recalls the blood shed during these fights. Each of the peaks of the triangle points to one of the ideals of the Cuban revolution - liberty, equality, and fraternity.

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