Online jigsaw puzzle - Country flag of Haiti

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Learn facts about "the flag of Haiti" while you try to solve this online jigsaw puzzle for kids on country flags" with 6 to 108 pieces or at various difficulty levels (Easy, Medium or Hard). These brain games are high effective to improve the problem solving and logical reasoning skills of your child. 

The flag of Haiti, which has been adopted in 1958, is composed of two horizontal stripes of blue and red color. Between these stripes, national coat of arms is places. It consists of a white rectangle with the national emblem with palm tree, cannons and hat which was worn by freed slaves and thus is a symbol of freedom.

The emblem also carries a white ribbon with inscription "L'Union Fait La Force", translated in "Unity is strength". Originally, the flag carried the colors of the French tricolor, but the white stripe was dropped during the uprising against the French rule in 1804. The rebellion was commanded by Toussaint L'Ouverture and Haiti became the first black independent territory. Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with Dominican Republic, and currently is due to the numerous natural disasters one of the poorest nations of the Western Hemisphere.

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