Word Search puzzles

Our word search puzzles are engaging brain games that enrich vocabulary and G.K of puzzle lovers. Solve our word search puzzles online or download as PDF. 

Olympiad tester has designed word search puzzles and games to enhance the mental ability and problem solving skills of puzzle solvers, Parents and kids can solve these word games together in a fun filled manner.


Online word search games and puzzles

The hidden words are shared on the right side of the puzzle

Click on a letter which you feel is the first alphabet of a hidden word.

Then drag the cursor till all the alphabets in the word are highlighted. If it is correct, the color changes from red to green. Kindly note that the hidden Words may be found in any direction in the word search puzzle.

The faster you find the words, the higher you score.

word search puzzles - tips to solve

Check for the first letter of a hidden word throught the puzzle; then check the surrounding letters for a sequence formation.

In case of a compound word like "postman" it can be helpful to look for its part in your hidden word list. Try to find the words "post" or "man" first and that will make it easier to find the word you want.

why word search?

Our word search games and puzzles are designed to enhance your problem solving abilities while enriching your general knowledge and vocabulary. Morever, our best online word search games are super fun to play.

Parents and teachers trust our word search games to improve the mental ability and concentration skills of their kids.



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