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Play online word games like crosswords, word search, scramble and hangman. These word games will enhance your vocabulary, G.K and problem solving skills.

We have a huge collection of online word games and we keep adding on a daily basis. For your convenience, we have organized all the word games in categories so that you can pick and choose a brain game you would want to play.

online word games - faqs

Best and free online word games of Olympiad tester

What are the different types of crosswords?

Our crosswords have 3 main categories. Vocabulary, General knowledge (G.K) and Science.

Do online word games help my child's academic growth?

Definately. Our word games are designed to reinforce science concepts, build strong vocabulary and enhance general knowledge in kids.

Are your word games only for kids?

All our word games can be played at different difficulty levels. So, kids and adults as a family can



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