Words unscramble

Words unscramble is a word game in which the original word has to be reconstructed. Words unscramble enhances concentration and problem solving skills. 

We have designed these online brain games to be full of fun which the whole family can enjoy together. For your convenience, we have organized the words unscramble games into several categories. Go ahead and choose a word game from below and start solving. 

words unscramble - instructions & tips

Words unscramble games online

To unscramble the words, click on a letter and drag it to a position which you feel is correct.

Feel free to click on the hint button. You might get good clues.

After you unscramble the first word correctly, you will be taken to the next word

You are allowed to replay the game as many times as you want.

These games can be quite frustrating in the beginning. So, be open to learning

Compile a list of go-to words

The common suffixes and prefixes should be at your finger tips

Needlesss to say, practice makes a man perfect. Practice. Practice. Practice.

words unscramble - about the game

In the year 1954, Martin Naydel created the first words unscramble game. This game is also known by other names like word scramble, jumbled words or anagrams.

In the game, the alphabets of a word are jumbled or scrambled in a random fashion. You would need to unscramble them by rearranging the letters. Thus, the objective of this word game is restore the original word.

Say, for example, "ULPTO". If you rearrange the alphabets correctly, you will discover the original word "PLUTO". Another example is "RCUEYMR", which when unscrambled correctly turns out to be "MERCURY".

Our words unscramble games can be played online. It has a hints section which gives clues. It is recommended that you try to unscramble the words without referring to the hints. This will help in improving your focus and concentration skills.

why words unscramble games?

These games are fun to play as you try to unscramble the letters as quickly as possible.

We have designed these word games to enhance your vocabulary and general knowledge while having great fun. And yes, it enriches your problem solving skills as well.



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