SOF National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) - 2024-25 exam guide

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The National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) is an international Computer Science competition that is organized annually by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). The event is designed to assess the computer Science abilities of students from around the world and showcase their skills. The NCO is considered one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of Computer Science, with top performers receiving awards and scholarships.

By participating in the NCO, students can test their knowledge and problem-solving skills and compete with their peers at various levels. The competition is conducted in two levels, with different patterns for each level.

To help you learn more about the National Cyber Olympiad, we have compiled all the essential information about the NCO exam and shared below.

NCO Exam dates

The dates for the upcoming SOF NCO are as follows. Students are advised to check with their school authorities on their exam schedule.

  • 1st date - 28th November

  • 2nd date - 19th December

NCO Registration

To participate in the National Cyber Olympiad, students need to register for the same. The registration process includes filling out the application form and paying the required application fee.

Students can register for the NCO exam through their respective schools. Schools across India are registered as NCO exam centres and can choose the date of the exam according to their comfort. Different question papers are presented each time, regardless of the exam date.

To register, students must be studying in an Indian government-approved school and should not have cleared grade 12 exams. Students of classes 1 to 12 are eligible for the respective Olympiad exams.

To complete the registration process, students need to fill a simple form providing important basic information and pay a nominal fee of INR 125. After submitting the fee and form at their school, the admit card is issued, and the practice workbook is received from SOF.

The admit cards are provided to the teachers in charge a few days before the exam. Once students receive the admit card, they are all set to appear for the Olympiad exam. It is advised to register in advance for NCO to avoid any last-minute hassles.

NCO Syllabus & Exam pattern

Knowing the syllabus is crucial as it gives insights into what topics are covered, question formats, and the overall structure of the NCO.

To access the latest syllabus and exam pattern as prescribed by the Science Olympiad Foundation - CLICK HERE

NCO Preparation

Once the registration process is done, the student should refer to our NCO study materials. Preparing with these materials will help you prepare better for the exam and increase your chances of getting a top rank.

NCO Results

To check your NCO results, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official SOF website

  2. Click on the tab for NCO results

  3. Enter your NCO exam roll number in the format 'SchoolCode-Class-RollNo'

  4. Solve the equation and enter the captcha

  5. Click on 'View Results'

  6. Your NCO result will appear on the screen

  7. Download and save it for future reference

NCO Awards / Recognition

In the previous academic year, SOF spent Rs. 20+ Crores on awards and recognition.

To know the complete details of the awards/scholarships that would be provided to the winners of the upcoming SOF National Cyber Olympiad - CLICK HERE

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