Online Sliding puzzle for kids - Galápagos Penguin

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Online Brain games for kids - Sliding puzzle on an endangered species, Galápagos Penguin, will enrich the general knowledge of your child while sharpening her / his analytical skills in a fun manner. 


    • Most tile sliding puzzles are made up of three rows of three tiles each.Try to get one of the three rows lined up properly regarding tile order anywhere in the puzzle. For example, get the three tiles that go on the bottom row in order, even at the top of the puzzle.
    • Keep this row together as you Consider each piece carefully and try to figure out where it will go in the puzzle. This will help you as you manipulate them into the right place and as you line them up in rows of three.slide the tiles and it will be easier to solve the problem.
    • One of the hardest parts of solving a sliding puzzle is preventing future moves from ruining previous slides. There is nothing more frustating than having to move a new tile in a way that messes up all that you have done before. To prevent this, try to thing ahead and consider what will happen several moves in the future each time you slide a tile.

This is the only penguin species found north of the equator and in the Galápagos

Why are they endangered?

Penguins are threatened by pollution, by catch and climate change. Introduced species, such as dogs, carry diseases that can spread to penguins as well, and cats pose a threat as predators. Past strong El Niño events have caused mortalities of up to 77 percent, with dramatic declines of prey species and reduced breeding success.


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