Online jigsaw puzzle - Country flag of Panama

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Learn facts about "Panama" while you try to solve this online jigsaw puzzle for kids. This jigsaw puzzle on country flags can be solved at various difficulty levels with 6 to 108 pieces. Jigsaw puzzles for kids are great brain games to enhance the reasoning and problem solving skills in children.


The flag of Panama is divided into four fields - along one diagonal there is a fully blue and red field, along the second diagonal there are two white boxes bearing blue and red star. Panama has always been of interest of the world powers for its strategic geographical position. Firstly, the Spanish ruled the country, later Colombians, and it did not became independent until 1903. Shortly after that the United States began to build the Panama Canal, which was completed in 1914.

The flag designed by President Amador Guerra should express a desire to solve the structural problems of domestic policy that have been caused by considerable external interventions. Blue and red color represent the democrats and socialists and the white background of the fields with stars stands for peace.

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