Online jigsaw puzzle - Flag - Antigua and Barbuda

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Solve this online jigsaw puzzles for kids on the country flag while learning facts about Antigua and Barbuda. These jigsaw puzzles for kids can be solved with  6 to 108 pieces. Brain games like jigsaw puzzles for kids go a long way in enhancing their reasoning and problem solving skills. 

The flag of Antigua and Barbuda was adopted in 1967 when these two islands in the Caribbean Sea became independent. The design of the flag was created by Antiguan teacher Reginald Samuels. The flag should refer to the past but also to better prospects for the future.

The rising sun represents new era, two red triangles on the sides represent the energy of the local population and the black represents its African-American origins. Blue stands for hope and the gradual use of the tricolor of yellow, blue, and white evokes the sun, sea, and sand. Naval flag consists of a red St. George's cross on a white background and the national flag in the upper left corner.

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