Free Question Bank for 4th Class Mathematics

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Free Question Bank for 4th Class Mathematics: Length, Weight and Capacity Measurement.

Q1) Ben jogged a total of 7 km from Monday to Friday. He jogged a total of 4.3 km on the first 3 days. If he jogged the same distance on the remaining 2 days, how far did he jog on Friday?


Ans: _______________ km



Q2) Three boxes weigh a total of 454 kg. The first box weighs 18 kg less than the second box. The third box is twice as heavy as the second box. How heavy is the first box?


Ans: _______________


The first box is 100 kg.

Q3)Mrs Hira had 5500 g of rice. She used 2/5​  of it on Monday and 1/4​  of it on Tuesday. How much rice had she left after the two days?

Ans: ______________


She had 1925 g of rice left after rounding off.

Q4)All the water in Container A is poured into Container B without any spilling over. Container B is now 5/7​  full. How much more water is needed to fill up Container B completely?

Free Question Bank for 4th Class Mathematics
Ans: ______________mℓ 



Q5) Dora mixes 6ℓ 700mℓ of strawberry syrup with four times as much water. She then pours the mixture equally into 4 jars. How much mixture will each jar contain?

Ans: ______________ mℓ 



Q6) Three pieces of ribbon measuring 2/3  m, 4/15  m and 3/5  m are used to tie a parcel. What is the total length of ribbon used?

Express your answer as a mixed number.



1 8/15  

Q7)A stack of 10 fifty-cent coins has a height of 2m 60cm. What is the height of a stack of 3 fifty-cent coins?

Ans: __________ cm


78 cm

Q8)Jim's mass is 3/4 of his father's mass. If his father weighs 76kg, what is their total mass?

  1. 19 kg
  2. 38 kg
  3. 57 kg
  4. 133 kg



Q9) Town X and Town Y are 250 km apart.
The table below shows the distance travelled by 3 cars from Town X to Town Y.
Study it carefully and answer questions 13 and 14.

Car Distance travelled in km
A 85
B 135
C 210

If all 3 cars were travelling at the same speed, which car would reach Town Y first?

Ans: _______________ km



Q10) Jane decorated 3 gifts with ribbons. She used 1m 40cm of ribbon to decorate the first gift. The second gift required 15 cm more ribbon than the first gift. She used 30 cm less ribbon to decorate the first gift than the third gift. How many centimetres of ribbon did Jane use altogether?

Ans: _________________


She used 465 cm of ribbon altogether.

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