4th Grade Math Worksheets: Measurement

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Q1) A wire 10m 20cm long is cut into two pieces. One piece is 3 times as long as the other. Find the length of the longer piece in metres.




The length of the longer piece is 765cm.


Q2) Look at the diagram below.

4th Grade Math Worksheets: Measurement

Which shape, A, B, C or D is the heaviest?


4th Grade Math Worksheets: Measurement

Ans: ________________



Q3) Aunt Susie mixed 2ℓ  of orange syrup with 3ℓ  of water to make orange juice. She drank 3/4ℓ  of orange juice. Her son drank 1/8ℓ  of it.

How many litres of orange juice had she left?



She had 1/8   litres of orange juice left.

Q4)The total volume of 6 identical pieces of metal bars and 4 identical pieces of wooden planks is 27.3 m3. The total volume of 1 piece of metal bar and 1 piece of wooden plank is 5 m3. What is the total volume of 1 piece of metal bar?
Ans: _______________
The total volume of one piece of metal bar is 3.65 m3.


Q5) David built 3 model towers for a class project. Tower A has the same height as Tower B. Tower C is 30 cm shorter than Tower A. The total height of the 3 towers is 3m 72 cm. Find the height of Tower B.

Ans: ______m_____ cm


1m 34cm

Q6)A tank is 3/8​  filled with water at first. 16 litres of water are then poured into the tank until it is 5/8​  full. How much water is there in the tank when it is completely full?

Ans: __________ ℓ  



Q7)A fruiterer had 80kg 400g of green grapes. He had 20kg 500 g more red grapes than green grapes. After he sold some red grapes, he had 3 times as much green grapes as red grapes. How many kilogrammes and grammes of red grapes did he sell?

Ans: __________


74kg 100g

Q8) Renee bought 4 1/6​ m of cloth to make a blouse and a skirt. She used 11/12​ m to make a blouse. She used 2/3​ m more to make a blouse than a skirt. How much cloth was left in the end?



3m of cloth was left in the end.

Q9)Robert drank 1ℓ   of milk in five days. Each day after the first day, he drank 10 mℓ more milk than the day before. How much did he drink on the first day?

Answer: _________________


180 mℓ  

Q10) Town X and Town Y are 250 km apart.
The table below shows the distance travelled by 3 cars from Town X to Town Y.

Car Distance travelled in km
A 85
B 135
C 210

What was the total distance left to be covered by the 3 cars to reach Town Y?

Ans: _______________ km



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