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    Class 5 Global Online Talent Assessment for Kids - GOTAK MATHS allows you to benchmark your child's grasp of Math concepts with her/his global peers in a unique way without putting any pressure.

    • Thousands of students from 2250+ schools across 13+ Countries have participated in our assessments so far. 
    • GOTAK is more of a self assessment tool rather than a contest. A unique and highly engaging structure will ensure that your child will have great fun during the process

    • The child will take the online global assessment from the comforts of home on any day and time of the month. The assessment opens at 10.00 a.m. on the 15th day of the month and closes at 10.00 p.m. on the last day of the month. However, only 1 attempt is allowed within this period.

    • The medium of the contest is English.
    • GOTAK series includes assessments in Maths, Science, English, Reasoning and G.K


    • Any child from any country can register for GOTAK.
    • GOTAK is conducted on web-enabled devices like laptop, tablet or desktop. Mobile devices are not encouraged.
    • After registration, the child will take the global assessment from the comforts of home. You can access your GOTAK from "My Account" >> "My tests / Worksheets".

    Registration fees

    • Before it opens on the 15th  - Rs 80
    • After it opens - Rs 120


    • Total questions: 35, Time allowed: 60 minutes
    • CHAPTERS - Numerals, Number names and Number Sense (7 and 8 digit numbers), Computation Operations, Fractions and Decimals, Measurement of Length, Weight, Capacity, Time, Temperature and Money, Conversions, Geometrical Shapes and Solids, Angles, Perimeter of Various Shapes & Area of Rectangle and Square, Symmetry, Data Handling.
    • Type of questions - MCQ
    • Test Mode - Online


    You get access to quite a few sample papers before taking the actual assessment. 


    The following is shared on every 7th day of a month for the previous month's assessment. 

    • The global scoring pattern (Overall and question-wise). 
    • Average time taken (Overall and question-wise)
    • Top performers
    • More statistics on a global, national and regional level. 


    Who all are eligible to take GOTAK?

    Any child from any country between Grade 1 to Grade 8 can register for Global Online Talent Assessment for Kids - GOTAK. 

    What is the venue of GOTAK?

    GCO is an online assessment and will be taken by the students from the comforts of home. The student should have a working laptop, desktop or tablet with good Internet connection. The Internet connection speed should be 2 mbps and the desktop/laptop should have latest version of the browser (preferably Google Chrome). We do not encourage the student to take GOTAK using a Mobile device.

    How do you ensure that students do not cheat?

    The purpose of GOTAK is to allow the parents to assess their child against her / his global peers without putting any pressure.

    So, we expect the parents to ensure that the child takes the test fair and square.

    When will i get my score report and the answer keys?

    Your detailed score report along with the answer keys will be shared with you immediately on submission. Also, it would be sent to your registered email id.

    Where and when do i get to see the statistics and the global scoring pattern?

    The global scoring pattern along with other statistics for a particular month's GOTAK will be shared on the 7th day of the next month. You will get to see this on the same page where you took GOTAK.

    I had registered for GOTAK but missed taking it that month.  Is there an option to take it later?

    No. You will not be allowed to take GOTAK after it closes for the month. Only students who have opted for our Olympiad courses get access to all previous GOTAK assessments. 

    Before paying the fees, I would like to take a sample GOTAK. Is there any option for the same?

    Yes. Once you register, you will get access not only to the previous GOTAK assessment but also sample papers. 

    I have registered and made the payment. What next?

    Go to My Account >> My tests / worksheets >> Take test . 

    What is your refund policy?

    We do not refund part or full fees paid under any circumstances.

    Is GOTAK a contest like Olympiad?

    The purpose of GOTAK is to allow the parents to assess their child against her / his global peers without putting any pressure. 

    So, we expect the parents to ensure that the child takes the test fair and square. 

    What are the awards and rewards of GOTAK?

    As we keep saying, GOTAK is not a contest but a fun filled assessment tool for a child's overall talent.

    What kind of questions are asked?

    There will be various kinds of questions like (but not limited to) MCQs, Fill in the blanks, Crosswords, Clozes, Scrambles, Cryptograms


    Please feel free to reach us via any option shared below for any queries / assistance related to GCO. You are assured of a response within 24 hours.



    7676875830 . Pls message and do not call.



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