2000+ NSO Important questions for class 8

2000+ free NSO important questions for class 8 will help you get a top rank in the upcoming Science Olympiad. These Class 8 NSO important questions include weekly mock tests and comprehensively cover all chapters as per the SOF NSO syllabus.

1500+ questions are dedicated to Science (35 questions, 35 marks) and Achiever's section (5 questions, 15 marks) while 500+ questions give deep practice for the logical reasoning section (10 questions, 10 marks). There is a special focus on Higher Order thinking (HOT) questions to crack the achiever's section.

Our team of experienced educators has carefully designed these questions based on previous year question papers and expected pattern in the upcoming exam.

2000+ Important questions - Class 8 NSO preparation

Class 8 NSO Preparation - Important links

Apart from sample papers, Olympiadtester also provides the following valuable study material for Class 8 NSO preparation:



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