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About NCO Mock tests for Class 7

Looking for SOF NCO mock tests for Class 7 that are designed based on previous years' question papers and the expected pattern of the upcoming National Cyber Olympiad? Look no further than! Our NCO mock tests for Class 7 are created by experts and are aligned to the syllabus prescribed by SOF.

Our NCO mock tests for Class 7 contain Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions and have helped many of our students in achieving #1 international ranks and gold medals. They are an excellent way to boost your child's confidence and improve their speed and accuracy. Our NCO mock tests for Class 7 are available online and as PDF sample papers, so your child can take them from the comfort of your home or on-the-go.

The NCO exam syllabus for Class 7 is divided into three sections. Section 1 covers verbal and non-verbal logical reasoning. Section 2 introduces students to Fundamentals of Computer, Evolution of Computers, Memory & Storage Devices, Algorithms & Flowcharts, Using Windows 10, MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel, Programming in QBasic, Internet & Viruses, Networking, Latest Developments in the Field of IT. Section 3 comprises higher-order thinking questions.

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NCO mock tests for class 7 - Online

Prepare for the Class 7 NCO exam with our online mock test, featuring instant merit certificates for scores over 70%, no negative marking, and score reports with detailed explanations.

NCO mock tests for Class 7 - PDF Worksheet

Practice for the Class 7 NCO (National Cyber Olympiad) with our PDF mock test, complete with answer key at the bottom of each worksheet. Perfect for self-study and additional exam preparation.

NCO mock tests for Class 7 - This week's scoring pattern

Compare your performance in "Class 7 NCO online mock test" with global peers using our live scoring pattern. See how you stack up against other students to help you improve your exam readiness.



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