ISSO Important questions and answers for Class 4

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Our collection of important questions and answers covers all sections of the Class 4 ISSO exam, including History, Geography, Social and Political Life, and Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions. The questions are carefully curated to reflect the latest syllabus and exam pattern, ensuring you have the most relevant and accurate material to practice with.

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ISSO Important Questions - Class 4

Water on Earth comes mainly from which of the following?

a) Taps

b) Rain

c) Wells

d) None of these

Answer: b) Rain

Explanation: Water on Earth comes mainly from rain, which fills rivers and lakes and seeps into the ground to replenish groundwater reserves.

Which of the following causes air pollution?

a) Burning leaves

b) Traffic noise

c) Sewage

d) All of these

Answer: d) All of these

Explanation: Burning leaves, traffic noise, and sewage are all causes of air pollution.

Sarika is living in Canada. Her friend Shruti is living in Bangalore. Which of the following is NOT a useful mode of communication between them?

a) Whatsapp

b) Telephone

c) E-mail

d) Aerogrammes

Answer: d) Aerogrammes

Explanation: Aerogrammes are no longer widely used for communication, while Whatsapp, telephone, and email are all useful modes of communication between Sarika and Shruti.

What is the largest plateau in India?

a) Malwa Plateau

b) Chota Nagpur Plateau

c) Deccan Plateau

d) None of these

Answer: c) Deccan Plateau

Explanation: The Deccan Plateau is the largest plateau in India, covering a vast area of southern India.

Which of the following is a string instrument?

a) Tabla

b) Santoor

c) Trumpet

d) Flute

Answer: b) Santoor

Explanation: The santoor is a stringed musical instrument that is played with a pair of wooden mallets, and it originated in the valleys of Kashmir.



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