IMO Class 3 pdf worksheets

IMO Class 3 pdf worksheets and sample papers of Olympiad tester come along with the answer key.  The Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions in these pdf worksheets for Class 3 IMO, help student ace the achiever' section. These sample papers have been designed based on last 5 years question papers and expected pattern in the upcoming International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO).

You can view all IMO Class 3 PDF worksheets for free but if you want to download and print them, please invest a token amount in our IMO Topper's guide.



Are your Class 3 IMO Maths Olympiad pdf worksheets free? 

Yes, Class 3 IMO pdf worksheets along with the answer key are free to view and read. However, you need to buy for a token amount if you want to download and print them as pdf sample papers. 

Which syllabus do your Class 3 IMO worksheets follow?

Class 3 IMO worksheets follow the syllabus given by SOF. The Maths Olympiad worksheets have higher order thinking (HOT) questions that will help Class 3 students crack the achiever's section of the exam.

The following chapters are covered in the worksheets:

  • Numerals, Number names and Number Sense (3-Digit Numbers), Computation Operations, Length, Weight, Capacity, Time, Temperature, Money, Lines, Shapes and Solids, Pictographs, Patterns.

How many questions are there in your Class 3 IMO worksheets?

There are 35 questions in each worksheet and the students are given 1 hour to solve it. The questions are as per Class 3 IMO syllabus and previous year Class 3 IMO question papers.

    Are your Class 3 IMO worksheets as per the syllabus pescribed by SOF?


    Apart from PDF worksheets, what other study material do your provide for Class 3 IMO prepartion?

    We provide the most comprehensive preparation material to ace Class 3 IMO. Apart from PDF worksheets, the following free learning tools are available:

    • Class 3 IMO Online mock tests - Click here
    • Class 3 IMO Chapter-wise tests - Click here
    • Class 3 IMO Sample model question papers - Click here
    • Class 3 IMO Higher order thinking (HOT) questions bank - Click here


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