Class 1 IMO Maths Olympiad - Online Chapterwise practice tests

Class 1 IMO Online Chapterwise Practice Tests are chapter-wise assessments which are very useful for Class 1 Maths Olympiad preparation . The high order thinking (HOT) questions in these sample papers will help students prepare for achievers section of Class 1 IMO and other major Maths Olympiad exams like UIMO and iOM. 

The syllabus prescibed by SOF for Class 1 Maths Olympiad is the same as that prescribed by schools across all boards.So a student of Class1 will not need additional study material to prepare for the exams.

These Class1 Online Maths Olympiad Tests prepared by Olympiadtester help the sudents to dive deep into the concepts of the chapters which are already included in their school curriculum. Solving these tests will help them to expand their critical  and logical thinking skills which are extremely essential to excel in Mathematics. 



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