Class 1 IMO Practice Test on Number Names and Number Sense

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This is a practice test for Class 1 IMO Maths Olympiad on the chapter "Number Names and Number Sense" prepared by Olympiadtester. Our Chapterwise tests cover the entire syllabus give by SOF IMO for Class 1.

Each Chapterwise test has 15 questions and each of our Mock Test has 35 questions based on the syllabus and exam pattern of Maths Olympiads. For each chapter covered in the Class 1 IMO syllabus, we have multiple chapterwise tests. 

We have 20 Mock tests to give an all rounded and comprehensive learning experience to the students of Class 1 preparing for Maths Olympiad exams.

We have made a few tests and mock tests available in our FREE SECTION, where we allow only 1 attempt per test.

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