CBSE Class 3 Science worksheets on Animals

There are twenty free CBSE Class 3 Science worksheets on animals. These pdf Science / EVS worksheets will test the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) of the Class 3 student in this chapter - animals. These unique "activity based" pdf worksheets of Olympiad tester are as per the new National educational policy (NEP) of CBSE and NCERT syllabus / textbooks. 


If you want to download these printable worksheets on animals along with solutions, please buy Class 3 Science worksheets - Topper's guide, which also has a comprehensive online test series and HOT Questions bank.

Types of Class 3 Science worksheets - Animals: MCQ, Crosswords, Cloze, Cryptograms, Category sorting, Word search and more. 

No of Class 3 Science worksheets: Twenty (20). You can view all of them for free. 




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