Tarantula online Jigsaw puzzle

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Along with the online jigsaw puzzle on 'Tarantula', we are sharing some interesting facts about the invertebrate. Share your score in the comments section along with additional facts you can gather.

Please note - You can change the difficulty level of this online jigsaw puzzle by choosing different number of jigsaw pieces. 


They spin silk. However, they do not use this silk web to catch their prey. Instead, they hunt them.  Their bites are painfl but nor lethal for human beings. 
They are carnivores. They can live upto 30 years. 
They weigh between 1 to 3 ounces. They can grow to a size of 4.75 inches. 
They are nocturnal by nature. Through the process of molting, they shed their external skeletons. During this, they also replace internal organs, such as stomach lining, and regrow lost legs if required.


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