Puzzle - Lenin's Mausoleum

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Along with the online jigsaw puzzle on 'Lenin's Mausoleum', we are sharing some interesting facts about the landmark. Share your score in the comments section along with additional facts you can gather.

Please note - You can change the difficulty level of this online jigsaw puzzle by choosing different number of jigsaw pieces. 


Lenin's mausoleum houses his preserved remains. Lenin’s remains were placed in this mausoleum, less than a week after his death. Since, then it has been on public display. 
The remains of Lenin Vladimir are kept in a glass sarcophagus. The old one was replaced by a new one in 1973. Over 2.5 million people visit the mausoleum, every year.
Lenin's mausoluem was erected in 16 months.

A team of embalmers ensure that his skin's original colour is restored. It appears as if he has passed away only a few days back.

It is located in red square of Moscow. Embalmers use several reagents like ethyl alcohol and acetic acid to preserve his body.

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