Jellyfish online Jigsaw puzzle

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Along with the online jigsaw puzzle on 'Jellyfish', we are sharing some interesting facts about the invertebrate. Share your score in the comments section along with additional facts you can gather.

Please note - You can change the difficulty level of this online jigsaw puzzle by choosing different number of jigsaw pieces. 


They can be found in several colours like yellow, blue, orange, and brown.  It is believed that they existed even before dinosaurs and have drifted along ocean currents for millions of years. 
Jellyfish stun their prey with the help of tiny stinging cells present in their tentacles. Staple diet of Jellyfish - Tiny plants, fish, shrimps and crabs. 
They can grow upto 5.5 inches. In China, Jellyfish are considered a delicacy and used in chinese medicines. 
Jellyfish eat and discard waste through their mouths. Jellyfish propel themselves forward by squirting water from their mouths.


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