Al Pacino - Guess the movie - Online jigsaw puzzle

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Solve the online jigsaw puzzle on Al Pacino and guess the movie. Share your answers (for this and the quiz below the puzzle) on the legendary actor, in the comments section.

Al Pacino - Jigsaw puzzle

Al Pacino - Quiz

1. How many times was Al Pacino nominated for an Academy Award before he actually won one?

2. Is it true that Al Pacino played Shylock from 'The Merchant of Venice' in both a feature film and a theater production?

3. In the Godfather movies, What is the name of the character that Al Pacino played?

4. Is it true that Al Pacino dropped out from the High School of Performing Arts in New York City?

5. What is Al Pacino's full name?

6. What was Al Pacino's first film?

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