10 Idioms related to human bones

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1. Bag of bones

  • Meaning: Someone who is very thin or emaciated.

  • Sentence Usage 1: After weeks of illness, she looked like a bag of bones.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The stray dog, a bag of bones, was desperately in need of food.

2. Have a bone to pick with someone

  • Meaning: To have a complaint or grievance with someone that needs to be discussed or resolved.

  • Sentence Usage 1: I have a bone to pick with my colleague about the unfinished project.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Let's have a meeting; I have a bone to pick with the management's decision.

3. Bone of contention

  • Meaning: An issue or topic over which there is persistent disagreement or conflict.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The distribution of resources became a bone of contention among the team members.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The issue of parking spaces is a bone of contention in the neighborhood.

4. Make no bones about something

  • Meaning: To be clear, honest, and straightforward about a matter, without any attempt to disguise or deceive.

  • Sentence Usage 1: She made no bones about her disappointment with the team's performance.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Let's make no bones about it; the project is behind schedule, and we need to catch up.

5. Throw someone a bone

  • Meaning: To provide a small concession or offer a token of assistance to someone.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The manager decided to throw the overworked team a bone by allowing them to leave early on Friday.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Can you throw me a bone and help me with this task? I'm swamped.

6. Work your fingers to the bone

  • Meaning: To work extremely hard or put in a lot of effort, often to the point of exhaustion.

  • Sentence Usage 1: She worked her fingers to the bone to meet the project deadline.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Despite working his fingers to the bone, he couldn't save the failing business.

7. Bare-bones

  • Meaning: Something that includes only the basic and essential elements; stripped down to the minimum.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The initial version of the software was a bare-bones prototype, lacking many features.

  • Sentence Usage 2: We started with a bare-bones budget for the project and added resources as needed.

8. Funny bone

  • Meaning: The part of the elbow where the ulnar nerve runs close to the surface, causing a tingling or funny sensation when struck.

  • Sentence Usage 1: I accidentally hit my funny bone on the edge of the table, and it sent a shock through my arm.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The comedian's jokes hit me in the funny bone, and I couldn't stop laughing.

9. Bone idle

  • Meaning: Extremely lazy or unwilling to work.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The student was bone idle and never completed any assignments.

  • Sentence Usage 2: She accused her brother of being bone idle and not contributing to household chores.

10. Work to the bone

  • Meaning: To work very hard, often to the point of exhaustion.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The farmers worked to the bone during the harvest season to ensure a bountiful crop.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Despite working to the bone, he struggled to make ends meet.

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