16 Idioms related to human eyes

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1. Apple of your eye

  • Meaning: Someone or something that is cherished and loved above all others.

  • Sentence Usage 1: His daughter is the apple of his eye.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The old family photograph remained the apple of her eye.

2. In the blink of an eye

  • Meaning: Very quickly; in an extremely short amount of time.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The thief disappeared in the blink of an eye.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The vacation seemed to be over in the blink of an eye.

3. Catch someone's eye

  • Meaning: Attract someone's attention or be noticed by someone.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The colorful painting caught her eye from across the room.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The unique design of the building immediately caught my eye.

4. Half an eye

  • Meaning: To pay minimal attention or notice something casually.

  • Sentence Usage 1: I only had half an eye on the TV while working on my laptop.

  • Sentence Usage 2: He had half an eye on the clock during the meeting.

5. In the eye of the storm

  • Meaning: In the calmest or most peaceful part of a difficult or chaotic situation.

  • Sentence Usage 1: She remained composed in the eye of the storm.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Finding peace in the eye of the storm is a valuable skill.

6. In one's mind's eye

  • Meaning: In one's imagination or mental visualization.

  • Sentence Usage 1: I can still see, in my mind's eye, the house where I grew up.

  • Sentence Usage 2: In her mind's eye, she envisioned a bright and prosperous future.

7. In the twinkling of an eye

  • Meaning: Extremely quickly; almost instantaneously.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The magician made the rabbit disappear in the twinkling of an eye.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The landscape changed in the twinkling of an eye.

8. Look someone in the eye

  • Meaning: To make direct eye contact, especially when expressing sincerity or honesty.

  • Sentence Usage 1: When making a promise, it's important to look someone in the eye.

  • Sentence Usage 2: He couldn't look her in the eye after the mistake.

9. More than meets the eye

  • Meaning: There is more to a situation or person than what is immediately apparent.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The mystery novel is more than meets the eye.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Don't judge a book by its cover; there's often more than meets the eye.

10. One in the eye

  • Meaning: A setback or defeat for someone.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The unexpected resignation was one in the eye for the company.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Losing the contract was a one in the eye for the team.

11. See eye to eye

  • Meaning: To agree or have the same opinion as someone.

  • Sentence Usage 1: It's challenging when two colleagues don't see eye to eye on important matters.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Couples need to find common ground and see eye to eye on major decisions.

12. Spit in someone's eye

  • Meaning: To show disrespect or contempt toward someone.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Quitting without notice felt like a spit in the boss's eye.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Refusing the invitation was seen as a spit in their friend's eye.

13. Turn a blind eye

  • Meaning: To deliberately ignore or overlook something, especially when it's ethically questionable.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Some leaders turn a blind eye to unethical practices within their organizations.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Turning a blind eye to environmental issues can have long-term consequences.

14. Before your very eyes

  • Meaning: In plain view; happening right in front of you.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The building was demolished before our very eyes.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The transformation occurred before our very eyes.

15. Eagle eyes

  • Meaning: Extremely sharp or keen eyesight.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The security guard had eagle eyes and noticed any suspicious activity.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Pilots need eagle eyes to navigate through challenging weather conditions.

16. Eyes like a hawk

  • Meaning: Exceptionally sharp or vigilant eyesight.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The detective had eyes like a hawk, spotting details others missed.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Coaches often have eyes like a hawk, observing players' performance closely.

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