150 Idioms on money - Set 05/15

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41. Make a killing

  • Meaning: To earn a large profit or succeed spectacularly, especially in business or investments.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The real estate investor made a killing by selling properties at the right time.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Investing in tech stocks early allowed him to make a killing in the market.

42. Ante up

  • Meaning: To contribute money, take a risk, or make a necessary payment.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Each player had to ante up before the poker game began.

  • Sentence Usage 2: If you want to join the club, you'll need to ante up the membership fee.

43. Earn a living

  • Meaning: To make enough money to support oneself or one's family; to have a job or occupation.

  • Sentence Usage 1: She works hard to earn a living as a freelance writer.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Many artists struggle to earn a living from their art alone.

44. In kind

  • Meaning: Repayment or compensation in the form of goods or services rather than money.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The farmer provided his labor in kind in exchange for a share of the harvest.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Some companies offer employees benefits in kind, such as health insurance.

45. Gravy train

  • Meaning: A situation where one can easily make money or enjoy financial success without much effort.

  • Sentence Usage 1: During the economic boom, many people hopped on the gravy train of real estate speculation.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The early investors in the startup rode the gravy train when the company went public.

46. Shake them down

  • Meaning: To extort money or obtain something from someone through threats, coercion, or intimidation.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The mob tried to shake down the small business owners for protection money.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The corrupt official was caught trying to shake down contractors for bribes.

47. Money is no object

  • Meaning: Cost is not a concern; one is willing to spend any amount of money.

  • Sentence Usage 1: When planning the wedding, the couple decided that money was no object.

  • Sentence Usage 2: As a collector, cost is often no object when acquiring rare and valuable items.

48. Hard up

  • Meaning: Experiencing financial difficulty; lacking money or resources.

  • Sentence Usage 1: After losing his job, he found himself hard up and unable to pay the bills.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Being hard up, she had to borrow money from friends to cover her living expenses.

49. A light purse is a heavy curse

  • Meaning: Having insufficient funds or facing financial difficulties can be a significant burden.

  • Sentence Usage 1: He realized the truth in the saying, "A light purse is a heavy curse," when he couldn't afford essential expenses.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Managing the household with a light purse became increasingly challenging for the single mother.

50. Paycheck to paycheck

  • Meaning: Living with just enough income to cover basic expenses, with no savings or surplus.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Many individuals struggle to break free from the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The cost of living in the city forced him to live paycheck to paycheck.

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