150 Idioms on money - Set 02/15

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11. Money doesn’t grow on trees

  • Meaning: Used to convey the idea that money is not easily obtained; it must be earned through effort.

  • Sentence Usage 1: You need to work hard; money doesn't grow on trees.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Parents often remind their children that money doesn't grow on trees to instill a sense of responsibility.

12. Dollars for doughnuts

  • Meaning: A sure or certain bet; an almost guaranteed outcome.

  • Sentence Usage 1: It's dollars for doughnuts that the team will win the championship.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Given their track record, it's dollars for doughnuts that the company will meet its targets.

13. On the house

  • Meaning: Provided for free by a business, typically referring to complimentary items or services.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The first round of drinks is on the house as a promotion.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The restaurant offered dessert on the house to celebrate its anniversary.

14. Feel like a million dollars/bucks

  • Meaning: To feel excellent, healthy, or in high spirits.

  • Sentence Usage 1: After a good night's sleep, I feel like a million dollars.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Winning the competition made her feel like a million bucks.

15. Time is money

  • Meaning: Time has value, and wasting time is equivalent to wasting potential earnings or opportunities.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Finish the project quickly; time is money in this industry.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The manager emphasized that time is money, and every minute counts.

16. Sitting on a goldmine

  • Meaning: Having valuable resources or opportunities that can lead to great financial gain.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The small-town entrepreneur realized he was sitting on a goldmine when the demand for his product surged.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The abandoned property turned out to be a goldmine for the real estate investor.

17. It’s a steal

  • Meaning: Referring to a purchase or deal that is extremely favorable or inexpensive.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Buying the antique vase for that price is a steal!

  • Sentence Usage 2: The discounted vacation package was a steal compared to regular prices.

18. Banner Year

  • Meaning: A year marked by outstanding success, achievements, or prosperity.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The company experienced a banner year with record-breaking sales and profits.

  • Sentence Usage 2: For the artist, it was a banner year with multiple exhibitions and awards.

19. Have the Midas touch

  • Meaning: The ability to be successful in financial matters; to turn everything into gold or profit.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Everything he invests in seems to succeed; he truly has the Midas touch.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The entrepreneur has the Midas touch, consistently launching profitable ventures.

20. Nest Egg

  • Meaning: A substantial amount of money saved or invested for the future.

  • Sentence Usage 1: They started a nest egg early in their careers to ensure a comfortable retirement.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Building a nest egg requires consistent saving and wise investment choices.

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