15 Idioms on animals - Set 01

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1. 800 pound gorilla

  • Meaning: A very powerful or influential person or organization.

  • Sentence Usage 1: In the world of technology, the giant company is considered the 800 pound gorilla.

  • Sentence Usage 2: When negotiating, it's challenging to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

2. A barking dog seldom bites

  • Meaning: People who make threats are often not dangerous.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Don't worry about him; he's just shouting. A barking dog seldom bites.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Ignore the warnings; a barking dog seldom bites.

3. A little bird told me

  • Meaning: I heard a secret from someone.

  • Sentence Usage 1: How did you know about the surprise party? Oh, a little bird told me!

  • Sentence Usage 2: I can't reveal my source; let's just say a little bird told me.

4. Albatross around your neck

  • Meaning: A burdensome or troublesome weight.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The debt became an albatross around his neck, affecting every aspect of his life.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Failing the exam was like having an albatross around her neck throughout college.

5. All bark and no bite

  • Meaning: Full of threatening talk but lacking action or power.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Ignore his aggressive behavior; it's all bark and no bite.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The opponent's team turned out to be all bark and no bite.

6. Angry as a bear

  • Meaning: Extremely angry or irritable.

  • Sentence Usage 1: After the argument, he was as angry as a bear.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Avoid him when he's angry as a bear; he needs some time to cool down.

7. Angry as a bull

  • Meaning: Extremely furious or enraged.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Be cautious; he's angry as a bull and might explode.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The customer became as angry as a bull when the service was delayed.

8. Ants in your pants

  • Meaning: Restless or anxious, unable to sit still.

  • Sentence Usage 1: He's got ants in his pants; he can't stay in one place for long.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The children had ants in their pants before the exciting event.

9. As mad as a wrongly shot hog

  • Meaning: Extremely angry or upset.

  • Sentence Usage 1: His reaction to the news was as mad as a wrongly shot hog.

  • Sentence Usage 2: She'll be as mad as a wrongly shot hog when she discovers what happened.

10. As rare as hen's teeth

  • Meaning: Extremely scarce or rare.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Finding such a unique collectible is as rare as hen's teeth.

  • Sentence Usage 2: Opportunities like this are as rare as hen's teeth; don't miss out.

11. As the crow flies

  • Meaning: In a straight line, without detours.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The shortcut is as the crow flies, saving us time.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The distance, as the crow flies, is shorter than the winding road.

12. At a snail's pace

  • Meaning: Very slow or sluggish.

  • Sentence Usage 1: The traffic moved at a snail's pace during the rush hour.

  • Sentence Usage 2: The project progressed at a snail's pace due to unforeseen delays.

13. Back the wrong horse

  • Meaning: To support someone or something that is unlikely to succeed.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Unfortunately, he backed the wrong horse in the election.

  • Sentence Usage 2: It's essential not to back the wrong horse when investing in stocks.

14. Bats in the belfry

  • Meaning: Slightly crazy or eccentric.

  • Sentence Usage 1: People thought he had bats in the belfry due to his peculiar behavior.

  • Sentence Usage 2: After the incident, everyone believed she had bats in the belfry.

15. Be on the pig's back

  • Meaning: In a state of great happiness or good fortune.

  • Sentence Usage 1: Winning the lottery put him on the pig's back for a while.

  • Sentence Usage 2: She felt like she was on the pig's back after receiving the good news.

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