Farm Animals vs. Zoo Animals - Categorize and Learn!

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Introduce your kindergartener to the wonderful world of animals with our free Farm Animals vs. Zoo Animals worksheet! Featuring adorable images of farm animals like cows, goats, and ducks, as well as exotic zoo animals like monkeys, lions, and tigers, this fun activity encourages your child to think critically about the different types of animals that exist. By categorizing the animals into two groups based on where they live and how they are used, your little one will learn valuable lessons about the relationships between humans and animals.

You can explain that some animals, like cows and chickens, are more domesticated and are therefore kept on farms where they can provide useful resources like milk, eggs, and wool. Horses, for example, can be used to help farmers plow fields or transport goods. Other animals, like lions and tigers, are wild and dangerous, and are therefore kept in zoos where they can be safely observed by the public. Zoos also provide valuable educational opportunities for learning about exotic animals from around the world.

After categorizing the animals, your child can also color the pictures, adding their own creative touch to each animal. With easy-to-follow instructions and engaging coloring pages, our Farm Animals vs. Zoo Animals worksheet is the perfect way to make learning about animals fun and exciting for your child.

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Free kindergarten worksheet with pictures of farm animals (cow, goat, duck) and zoo animals (monkey, lion, tiger) for sorting.

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