Habitat Matching - Cross out the Animals That Don't Belong

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Get your little ones excited about learning with this free kindergarten worksheet featuring cool animals from the Arctic and desert habitats. Cross out the animals that don't belong and discover fun facts about polar bears, penguins, camels, and snakes!

Take a look at all these cool animals from the Arctic and desert habitats! The polar bear has a big nose and loves to swim, while the penguin has wings but can't fly, and the seal is super fast when it's in the water. The walrus has long tusks and makes funny noises, and the whale is the biggest animal in the ocean!

In the desert, the camel has a hump on its back that stores water, so it can survive for a long time without drinking. The snake is very sneaky and can move quickly through the sand, and the panda, while adorable, doesn't actually live in the desert - it prefers to eat bamboo in the forest!





free kindergarten worksheet showing Arctic animals, desert animals, polar bears, penguins, camels, snakes.

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