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Reasoning Venn diagrams often come in the exams. These problems test your ability to identify the relation between some items of a group by diagrams. The following examples would give you an overview of the kind of questions that can come.


If all words belong to different groups, then they will be interpreted by circles as shown in the diagram below.

ic: Reasoning Venn diagrams - Example 1


If two different items are completely related to a third item, they would be interpreted as shown below.

ic: Reasoning Venn digrams - Example 2


If the first item is related to the second item which in turn is related to the third item, then the relationship will be shown by a diagram as shown below.

ic: Reasoning Venn diagrams - Example 3

      EXAMPLE 4

      When a relationship exists between two items and these two items are completely related to a third item. Some brothers may be fathers and vice-versa. Similarly some brothers may not be fathers and vice-versa. But all brothers and fathers are males. 

      ic: Reasoning Venn diagrams - Example 4

      EXAMPLE 5 

      When two items have some kind of a relationship to a third item but are themselves totally different. Males (1st item) and females (2nd item) are different items but some males as well as some females can be employees (3rd item).  

      IC: Reasoning Venn diagrams - Example 5

      EXAMPLE 6

      When all the three items have a relationship but not completely. Some males may be employees and vice-versa. Similarly some males may be salesmen and vice-versa. Some employees may be salesmen and vice-versa.

      ic: Reasoning Venn diagrams - example 6

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