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Our free online Logical reasoning course is trusted by million+ students to prepare for entrance and recruitment exams like MBA, Banking, UPSC, SSC, LIC and Railways RRB.

In this free online course for logical reasoning, you get the following types of logical problems: 

  • The logic problems present you with three true statements: Fact 1, Fact 2, and Fact 3. Then, you are given three more statements (labeled I, II, and III), and you must determine which of these, if any, is also a fact. One or two of the statements could be true; all of the statements could be true; or none of the statements could be true. Choose your answer based solely on the information given in the first three facts.
  • Each problem consists of three statements. Based on the first two statements, the third statement may be true, false, or uncertain.
  • Read questions carefully and choose the correct answer.

    When you go to the free online logical reasoning course, you also get access to tests of other topics like Number Series, Verbal Classification, Analogies, Matching Definitions, verbal reasoning, logical games, statement and assumption, statement and conclusion, cause and effect, logical deduction, letter and symbol series, essential part, artificial language, making judgements, logical problems, analyzing argument, course of action, theme detection, statement and argument. 


    Free Logical Reasoning Course

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