100 words that every 7th grader should master

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Mastering these 100 essential words is crucial for 7th graders to excel in English Olympiads and lay a strong foundation for future competitive exams.

Abate - To decrease in force or intensity

Abstract - Not concrete; theoretical

Acute - Sharp or severe in effect; intense

Adversary - Opponent or enemy

Advocate - To speak or write in support of; a supporter

Aesthetic - Pertaining to beauty or the arts

Alleviate - To make more bearable; to ease

Ambiguous - Having more than one meaning; unclear

Amiable - Friendly; good-natured

Amplify - To make larger; to expand

Antagonize - To provoke hostility or anger

Apathy - Lack of interest or emotion; indifference

Apprehensive - Fearful or anxious about the future; uneasy

Articulate - Able to speak clearly and expressively

Ascertain - To find out for certain; to determine

Assess - To evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of

Authentic - Genuine; true

Awe - A feeling of reverence or admiration mixed with fear or wonder

Bias - A preconceived opinion that prevents impartial judgment

Bizarre - Strange or unusual in appearance, style, or character

Boisterous - Rough and noisy; energetic

Burgeon - To grow or develop rapidly; to flourish

Camaraderie - Goodwill and rapport among friends

Candid - Frank and straightforward; honest

Capricious - Impulsive and unpredictable

Cascade - A waterfall; to fall or flow like a waterfall

Cerebral - Intellectual; of the brain

Cherish - To hold dear; to treasure

Coerce - To force by intimidation or threats

Cohesion - The act or state of uniting or sticking together

Collaborate - To work together on a project or task

Compassion - Sympathy or concern for others’ suffering or misfortune

Complacent - Self-satisfied; smug

Comprehensive - Covering or including everything

Condescend - To stoop to someone else’s level; to patronize

Confide - To trust someone with private or confidential information

Confine - To keep within bounds; to limit

Confine - To keep within bounds; to limit or restrict

Consensus - General agreement; majority opinion

Constitute - To make up; to be the parts of

Contemplate - To consider thoughtfully; to reflect upon

Contradict - To assert the opposite of what someone has said or done

Contrive - To plan or scheme in a creative way; to invent

Conviction - A firmly held belief or opinion

Cower - To cringe in fear; to shrink away

Crafty - Cunning; sly

Credible - Believable; trustworthy

Culminate - To reach the highest point or climax

Debris - Scattered fragments, wreckage

Decadent - Decaying or declining, especially in morals or artistic standards

Deceive - To mislead or trick

Decipher - To interpret or decode

Deduce - To reach a conclusion by reasoning; to infer

Deft - Skillful; dexterous

Deliberate - Done intentionally; carefully thought out

Deluge - A flood; a heavy downpour

Depict - To represent or show in a picture; to describe

Deplete - To use up gradually; to lessen in amount or value

Desolate - Deserted and lonely; uninhabited

Despair - Loss of hope; hopelessness

Deter - To discourage or prevent from taking action

Deteriorate - To become worse; to decline in quality, value, or strength

Detrimental - Harmful; damaging

Deviate - To depart from an established course or norm

Devotion - Loyalty; commitment; dedication

Dexterity - Skill and grace in physical movement, especially in the hands; agility

Diffuse - To spread or scatter widely; to disperse

Dilapidated - Fallen into disrepair or decay, especially through neglect

Diligent - Hardworking; industrious

Diminish - To make or become smaller or less; to reduce or decrease

Discern - To perceive or recognize something obscure or difficult to grasp

Disclose - To reveal or make known; to uncover

Discreet - Careful and circumspect in one’s speech or actions; cautious

Discreet - Careful and circumspect in one’s speech or actions; cautious

Dismay - A sudden feeling of distress or discouragement; to cause distress or discouragement

Dismantle - To take apart; to disassemble

Disparage - To belittle or speak negatively about

Diverse - Varied; showing a lot of differences within a group

Divulge - To reveal or make known

Eccentric - Unconventional; strange; odd

Elicit - To draw out or evoke

Elusive - Difficult to catch or grasp; evasive

Emulate - To imitate or copy, especially with the intent of equaling or surpassing the model

Enigma - A mystery; something that is difficult to understand or explain

Entice - To attract or lure by offering pleasure or advantage

Ephemeral - Lasting for a very short time

Equivocal - Ambiguous; open to interpretation in more than one way

Erratic - Inconsistent; unpredictable; wandering

Ethereal - Delicate and light, as if not of this world; heavenly

Evaluate - To judge or determine the significance, worth, or quality of

Evoke - To call forth or produce a reaction or emotion

Exacerbate - To make a problem or situation worse

Exemplary - Serving as a model or example; commendable

Exhilarating - Thrilling; exciting; invigorating

Exonerate - To clear from blame or accusation

Expedite - To make faster or easier; to accelerate

Exploit - To take advantage of for personal gain; to utilize

Extraneous - Not essential or relevant; extra

Exuberant - Full of enthusiasm or joy; lively

Fabricate - To invent or concoct; to make up a story or excuse

Faction - A group within a larger group, especially one with different opinions or goals

Fallacy - A mistaken belief or idea

Falter - To hesitate or waver in action or purpose

Fanatic - A person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, especially for a religious or political cause

Fathom - To understand or comprehend

Fickle - Likely to change; unstable; capricious

Fictitious - Not true; made up

Fleeting - Passing swiftly; lasting only a short time

Flourish - To thrive or prosper; to grow vigorously

Formulate - To express or develop in a specific manner; to devise

Foster - To promote the development or growth of; to nurture

Fraudulent - Deceptive or dishonest; deceitful

Futile - Having no useful result; hopeless or ineffective

Gallant - Brave and noble; chivalrous

Gargantuan - Enormous in size or volume; gigantic

Generate - To create or produce; to bring into existence

Genuine - Authentic; sincere; not fake or counterfeit

Gloat - To express self-satisfaction or pleasure at another’s misfortune

Gregarious - Sociable; fond of being with others

Grimace - A facial expression showing pain, disgust, or disapproval

Grueling - Extremely tiring and demanding; exhausting

Guile - Deceitful cunning; slyness

Haphazard - Random; without a plan or direction

Harass - To disturb or torment repeatedly; to persecute

Hazard - A risk or danger; to put at risk

Heresy - A belief that goes against established doctrine or opinion

Hinder - To obstruct or prevent progress; to impede

Hoard - To collect and keep hidden or guarded; to accumulate

Humble - Modest; not proud or arrogant; simple

Humiliate - To cause someone to feel ashamed or embarrassed

Illuminate - To light up; to make clear or understandable

Immerse - To involve deeply; to absorb or engage fully

Impartial - Fair and unbiased; neutral

Imperative - Absolutely necessary or required; essential

Implicate - To involve or connect with something undesirable or illegal

Implicit - Understood without being stated; implied

Imply - To suggest or indicate indirectly; to hint

Impose - To establish or apply by authority; to enforce

Impression - An idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone

Improvise - To create or perform on the spot without preparation; to make up as one goes along

Inadvertent - Accidental or unintentional; not deliberate

Inane - Lacking sense or significance; silly; foolish

Inaugurate - To formally begin or introduce

Incessant - Continuing without interruption; unceasing

Inevitable - Unavoidable; bound to happen

Inhibit - To hold back or restrain; to prevent or slow down

Innovative - Introducing or using new ideas, methods, or technologies

Inscrutable - Difficult to understand or interpret; mysterious

Insipid - Lacking flavor or zest; dull

Instigate - To provoke or incite (usually negative actions)

Integrity - Honesty and moral uprightness; the state of being whole and undivided

Interpret - To explain or understand the meaning of something

Intrepid - Fearless and adventurous; brave

Invoke - To call upon a higher power or authority for help; to cite or appeal to as an authority

Irate - Very angry; furious

Ironic - Contrary to what is expected or intended; sarcastic or humorous

Irrevocable - Impossible to revoke or undo; unalterable

Irrevocable - Impossible to retract or revoke; irreversible

Jovial - Cheerful and friendly; good-humored

Keen - Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm; sharp or intense

Legacy - Something handed down from the past; a bequest

Liberate - To set free from bondage or oppression; to release

Ludicrous - Laughable because of obvious absurdity or foolishness

Malignant - Evil in nature or effect; cancerous

Malleable - Capable of being shaped or formed, as by hammering or pressure; easily influenced

Meticulous - Extremely careful and precise; showing great attention to detail

Momentous - Of great importance or significance, especially in its bearing on the future

Mundane - Ordinary or commonplace; relating to the world or earthly matters

Naive - Showing lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment; innocent and unsuspecting

Negligible - So small or unimportant as to be not worth considering; insignificant

Notorious - Widely known, especially for bad reasons; infamous

Oblivious - Unaware or forgetful; lacking conscious awareness

Ominous - Giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is about to happen; threatening

Opulent - Rich, luxurious, or lavish; exhibiting great wealth

Ostentatious - Pretentious or showy in an attempt to impress others; excessively ornate

Paradox - A statement or situation that appears contradictory or absurd but is actually true

Perceive - To become aware of through the senses; to recognize or understand

Pertinent - Relevant or applicable to a particular matter; on topic

Pervasive - Spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people; prevalent

Pious - Devoutly religious; having strong moral principles

Plausible - Seemingly or apparently true, reasonable, or acceptable; credible

Pompous - Excessively self-important or grandiose; arrogant

Pragmatic - Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations

Precarious - Uncertain, unstable, or insecure; dependent on chance or circumstances beyond one’s control

Predecessor - A person who held a job or office before the current holder; ancestor

Profound - Having great depth or seriousness; intellectually deep or penetrating

Proximity - Nearness in space or time; proximity

Prudent - Acting with or showing care and thought for the future

Prudent - Acting with or showing care and thought for the future; wise

Quandary - A state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation

Quell - To put an end to; to suppress

Quintessential - The most perfect embodiment of something

Ramble - To talk at length without sticking to a topic or getting to the point

Raucous - Making a loud and harsh noise; disorderly and boisterous

Rebuff - To reject bluntly; to snub

Reclusive - Seeking or preferring seclusion or isolation; hermit-like

Rectify - To make right; to correct

Redundant - Exceeding what is necessary or normal; superfluous

Refute - To prove to be false; to disprove

Relinquish - To give up or abandon

Remorse - Deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed

Rendezvous - A meeting at an agreed time and place, typically between two people

Renounce - To give up or resign something; to reject or disown

Repudiate - To reject the validity or authority of; to disown

Resilient - Able to recover quickly from difficulties; flexible and adaptable

Resolute - Admirably purposeful; determined and unwavering

Retract - To withdraw or take back (often a statement or promise)

Revere - To regard with great respect and admiration; to honor

Revive - To bring back to life or consciousness; to restore

Rhetoric - The art of using language effectively and persuasively; inflated or grandiose language

Robust - Strong and healthy; vigorous and sturdy

Satiate - To satisfy fully or to excess

Savage - Fierce, violent, and uncontrolled; uncivilized

Savor - To enjoy and appreciate to the fullest; to relish

Sedentary - Tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive

Serene - Calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil

Severe - Very strict or harsh; causing great pain or hardship

Skeptical - Not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations

Solitude - The state of being alone; seclusion

Soothsayer - A person who is able to predict the future; a fortune-teller

Sparse - Thinly dispersed or scattered

Sparse - Thinly dispersed or scattered; not thick or dense

Spontaneous - Arising naturally; not planned or engineered in advance

Squalid - Dirty or degraded from neglect or poverty

Stagnant - Not flowing or moving; stale or foul from standing still

Stimulate - To encourage or arouse interest or activity

Strenuous - Requiring great effort or exertion; physically or mentally demanding

Subsequent - Following in time or order; succeeding

Succinct - Brief and to the point; concise

Sufficient - Adequate; enough to meet a need or purpose

Superficial - Concerned only with surface appearances; shallow

Surmount - To overcome a difficulty or obstacle; to prevail over

Suspend - To hang by attachment from above; to temporarily stop or set aside

Sustain - To support or keep in existence; to maintain

Synthesize - To combine different ideas or sources to create something new or original

Synthesize - To combine different elements to form a new whole; to integrate

Tangible - Capable of being touched or felt; real, concrete

Temperament - A person’s characteristic emotional reactivity and intensity

Tenacious - Holding fast; persistent; stubborn

Tentative - Uncertain or hesitant; not fully worked out or agreed upon

Trepidation - Fear or agitation about something that may happen; apprehension

Ubiquitous - Present or existing everywhere

Unanimous - In complete agreement

Undermine - To weaken or ruin by degrees; to attack indirectly

Unprecedented - Never before known or seen; without previous example

Usurp - To seize and hold a position by force or without right

Utilitarian - Practical; designed to be useful rather than attractive

Validate - To confirm or make legally valid

Venerate - To regard with reverence, look up to with great respect

Verbose - Using too many words; wordy; long-winded

Volatile - Highly unstable; explosive

Voracious - Devouring everything; excessively hungry and eager

Wane - To lose size, strength, or power

Wary - Watchful, alert, cautious

Zeal - Passionate devotion to a cause, ideal, or goal

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