PSEB 4th Class Maths MCQ Chapter 5 Measurement

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Q1) 4 kg 7 g is the same as _____ g.

  1. 470
  2. 4 007
  3. 4 070
  4. 4 700


Q2) Mayank has 3.176 kg of sugar. He wants to pack the sugar equally into 3 packets. How much sugar should he put in each bag?(Give your answer to the nearest hundredth.)


  1. 1.05 kg
  2. 1.058 kg
  3. 1.057 kg
  4. 1.06 kg


    Q3) The total mass of 3 parcels, X, Y and Z is 6kg 400g. The mass of parcel X is 1kg 250g while that of parcel Y is 1kg 600g. What is the mass of parcel Z?

    1. 2kg 850g
    2. 3kg 550g
    3. 4kg 800g
    4. 5kg 150g


    Q4) There are 8 basketballs and 5 soccer balls in the PE store room. Each basketball has a mass of 750g and each soccer ball has a mass of 650g. What is the total mass of the balls?

    The total mass of the balls is 9kg 250g.

    Q5) Jenny mixed  3/8 litres of red paint with 3  1/4 litres of white paint to paint her bedroom. If 2  1/2 litres of paint was used, how much paint was left?


    1  1/8 L of paint was left.

    Q6) Tree are planted 5 m apart along a straight road. If the road is 50 m long, find the total number of tress along this stretch of road.

    PSEB 4th Class Maths MCQ Chapter 5 Measurement
    Answer: _____________________


    11 trees

    Q7) A kettle could hold 420 ml more water than a jug. When 150 ml of water was poured from the jug into the kettle, there was 4 times as much water in the kettle as the jug. How much water was there in the jug at first?

    Answer: _____________________

    The volume is 390 ml.

    Q8)Kabir jogged a total of 6 km from Monday to Friday. He jogged a total of 3km 900m on the first 3 days. If he jogged the same distance on the remaining 2 days, how far did he jog on Friday?


    Answer: ______________km

    1km 50m

    Q9) The mass of a pandan cake is 650g. The mass of a blackforest cake is 1kg 500g more than a pandan cake. What is the total mass of a blackforest cake and a pandan cake? 
    Answer: ______________kg


    Q10) Nurse Leena has a container of cough mixture and 3 empty bottles. After she filled each of the bottles with 260 mL of the cough mixture, she had 860 mL of it left in the container.  How much cough mixture did the container hold at first? Give your answer in L and mL.




    1L 640mL

    Q11)Fatima had some ribbon. She gave 1/3​  m to Amy and 2/9​ m to Kate. Then she had 5/9​ m left.
    (a) How much more ribbon did Amy get than Kate?
    (b) How much ribbon did Fatima have at first?
        (Express your answer in the simplest form.)



    (a) 1/9​  m
    (b) 1 1/9m​ 

    Q12)Aaryan is 1m 38cm tall. Ben is 45 cm taller than Aaryan. If Calvin is 1m 66cm tall, what is the difference in height between Ben and Calvin? 


    Ans:________________ cm



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