Grade 4 Measurement of Length Weight and Capacity Worksheet - Set 1

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Practice Questions with Answers for Grade 4 Measurement of Length, Weight and Capacity 

Q1) For every 2 ℓ  of blackcurrant drink, Melissa needs to use 1/4​  ℓ  of syrup. How much syrup will she need to make 10 ℓ  of blackcurrant drink? Express your answer as a mixed number.

Ans: ________ ℓ


1 1/4​  ℓ

Q2)Chris had two ropes. The shorter rope was 5.35 m. The total length of the two ropes was 32.6 m after rounding off the total length to the nearest tenth. What was the longest possible length of the longer rope? Leave your answer correct to 1 decimal place.


Ans: ________ m



Q3)James covered 3.55 km for every round that he ran around a park. What was the total distance that he covered if he ran 4 round around the park, assuming that he took the same route for every round he ran?


Ans: ________ km____m


14 km 200 m

Q4)Tim is 5.5 kg lighter than Sam, Ben is twice as heavy as Tim. The total mass of the three boys is 159.1 kg. What is Tim's mass?




Tim's mass is 38.4 kg.

Q5) A wire 10.2 m long is cut into two pieces. One piece is 3 times as long as the other. Find the length of the longer piece in metres.

(Round off your answer to 1 decimal place)





The length of the longer piece is 7.7 m.

Q6) There were 3 1/8​ ℓ  of milk in a jug. Mr Lee drank 1/4​ ℓ  of the milk while Mrs Lee drank 1/2​ ℓ  of the milk. How many litres of milk were left in the jug?


Ans: ___________________


There were 2 3/8​ ℓ of milk left in the jug.

Q7)The following are the information of three different types of tiles. Use the information to answer the question below.

Grade 4 Measurement of Length Weight and Capacity Worksheet - Set 1

Kim has a stack of 21 different types of tiles which are made up of a combination of Tiles A, B and C. 9 of them are Tiles C. The total mass of the 21 tiles is 13 kg 690g. How many Tiles A and Tiles B does she have altogether?


Ans: ________________


There are 5 Tiles As and 7 Tiles Bs.

Q8)The diagram below shows 3 bars, A, B and C. Given that the total length of the 3 bars is 3520 cm, find the length of bar C.

Grade 4 Measurement of Length Weight and Capacity Worksheet

Ans: ________________



Q9) Mrs Tan bought 3 ℓ of lemonade. Her daughter drank 14​  ℓ and her son drank 38​  ℓ. After Mrs Tan drank some of the lemonade, there was 1 1/2​  ℓ left.

(a) How much more lemonade did her son drink than her daughter?
(b) How much lemonade did Mrs Tan drink?

Ans: (a) _____________

        (b) _____________


​(a) 18​  L
(b) 78​  L

Q10)The total mass of John and David is 150kg 400g. The total mass of Roy and David is 138kg 600g. The total mass of the 3 boys is 216kg 400g.
(a) What is the mass of David?
(b) What is the mass of John?

Ans: (a) _______________(b) _______________


(a) 72kg 600g
(b) 77kg 800g

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