Computation Operations Sample Questions for Class 4

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Check out our Sample questions on Computaion Operations  for Class 4 Maths Olympiads to aid students in Class 4 IMO preparation. Answers and explanations are provided in our paid section- " Buy Courses"  We offer over 500 tests for Class 4, including chapter-wise tests and mock tests for Olympiad preparation covering the entire Class 4 IMO syllabus.


Q1) There were 298 passengers who boarded the cable car to Sentosa in the morning. Each cabin could carry 6 passengers. What is the least number of cabins needed to carry all the passengers?




Q2) Sandy made some kites from Monday to Wednesday.
Each day he made twice as many kites as the previous day.
Over the 3 days, he made 350 kites.
How many kites did he make on the third day?


200 kites

Q3) A box contained 3 times as many blue marbles as red marbles.
After 60 blue marbles are given away, there were twice as many red marbles as blue marbles. How many marbles are there in the end?

Ans: ________


There were 36 marbles in the end.

Q4) Sumin participated in a Mathematics quiz with 20 questions. For every correct answer, she was awarded 3 points. For every wrong answer, 2 points were deducted. If Sumin scored 25 points for the quiz, how many questions did Sumin answer correctly?

Ans: ________


Sumin answered 13 questions correctly.

Q5) Ahmad, Bob and Clark shared 800 marbles.
Ahmad receives 46 more marbles than Bob.
Clark receives 18 more marbles than Ahmad.
How many marbles did Clark receive?

Ans: ________


Clark received 294 marbles.

Q6) Amanda had 285 more straws than Betty at first.
Amanda bought another 75 straws.
As a result, Amanda now has 3 times as many straws as Betty.
How many straws did Amanda have at first?

Ans: ________


Amanda had 465 straws at first.

Q7) 4 x 15​  is equal to __________ .

  1. 15+15+15+15​ 
  2. 15x15x15x15​ 
  3. 4 + 15​ 
  4. 4 - 15​ 


Q8) 6 scouts were supposed to be given an equal number of tickets to sell at a charity event. One of them was absent and his tickets were given to the remaining scouts. As a result, each of the remaining scouts received 5 more tickets. What was the total number of tickets that were given to the scouts?

  1. 25
  2. 30
  3. 125
  4. 150



Q9) Beatrice has 831 more picture cards than Alice.
Carol has 490 more picture cards than Beatrice.
The three girls have 7 228 picture cards altogether.
How many picture cards does Carol have?

Ans: ________


Carol has 3 013 picture cards.

Q10) Joyce, Linda and Kate shared 225 beads.
After Joyce had given 14 beads to Linda, they all had the same number of beads.
Find the number of beads

a) Joyce had at first.

b) Linda had at first.


(a) ________
(b) ________


a) Joyce had 89 beads at first.
b) Linda had 61 beads at first.


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