Class 4 Maths questions - Time - Set 07

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Q1) The time on John's watch is shown below:

Class 4 Time And Calender CBSE Questions & Answers

The time shown is 40 minutes faster than the actual time. What is the actual time?

Ans: __________ p.m.


2:30 p.m.

Q2) Sharifah's watch is 40 minutes slower than the actual time. She wants to catch a movie at 9 p.m. She needs to take a bus journey of 45 minutes from her house to the cinema. What time is shown on Sharifah's watch if she leaves the house just to arrive punctually for the movie?

Ans: ___________ p.m.
7.35 p.m.

Q3) Sumi is 4 times as old as Cindy. Cindy is twice as old as Jenny. Their total age is 33 years. How much older is Sumi than Jenny?

Ans: __________



Q4)When Peter is 10 years old, his father is 4 times as old as him. How old will Peter be when his father is 3 times as old as he?

Ans: _________


15 years old

Q5)Celina took 43s to solve a maths question. Diana took 5s more than Celina. Annie took 49s to complete it. Bernie was 3s faster than Annie. Esha took 5s more than Bernie. Who was the slowest child and what was her timing?


Answer: _______________________

Esha was the slowest child. Her timing was 51 seconds.

Q6)A tour bus drove from Town A to Town C. The bus started at 9.45 am. 4 hours and 15 mins later, the bus stopped at Town B for half an hour. The tour bus took another 4 hours 45 mins to reach Town C. When did the tour bus reach Town C?           

Answer: ___________________________________________________

The time the tour bus reach Town C is 7.15 pm

Q7) Amit and Harish took part in a marathon. Aamit's time was 4 hr 18 min 6 sec. Harish came in 7 seconds earlier than Amit. What was Harish's time?

Answer: ____________min

4h 17min 59 sec

Q8) Aryan swims 100 m in 3 min 20 sec. Vinod does it in 1 min 5 sec. Express Vinod's timing as a fraction of Aryan's timing for the 100 m swim in the simplest form.





Q9)A concert started at 19 45. It ended at 22 05. How long was the concert?

Answer: ___h ____min

2h 20min

Q10) Mr Liew works in a restaurant. He works from 9.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. on weekdays. He works from 4.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturdays. He does not work on Sundays. How many hours does he work in a week?

Answer: ______________________________

He worked 45  1/2 hours

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