4th Grade Fractions Worksheets

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Check these questions from our 4th Grade Fractions Worksheets. Answers and explanations are provided in our paid section- " Buy Courses"  We have over 500 Chapterwise tests that include all the chapters in the syllabus of Class 4 Maths.



Q1) There are some pupils in class 4 A. 1/3​  of them like cycling, 14​  of them like swimming, 16​  of them like roller-blading and the rest like playing badminton. If 6 more pupils like playing badminton as compared to roller-blading, find the total number of pupils in the class.
Ans: _____________

There are 72 pupils in the class.

Q2) Jane had 300 pens and pencils. After she gave away 35​  of the pencils and 20 pens, she had an equal number of pencils and pens left. How many pens did she have at first?


Ans: ____________


Jane had 100 pens at first.

Q3) How many tenths are there altogether in 5 and a 2/5​ ?

  1. 15
  2. 27
  3. 35
  4. 54

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Q4) How many quarters are there in 3 wholes?

  1. 34​ 
  2. 314​ 
  3. 6
  4. 12



Q5) How many tenths are there in ​ 3 and a 3/5?

  1. 6
  2. 14
  3. 18
  4. 36


Q6) 1/6​  of the audience in the concert hall are men. 
2/3​  of them are women.
The rest are children.
​​​​​​​If there are 260 children, how many people attended the concert?
Ans: ________________ people


Q7) What is the missing fraction? Express your answer as a mixed number in its simplest form.

 4th Grade Fractions Worksheets

Ans: ____________


Q8) 1/8​  of the flowers in a basket are white, 1/4​  of them are red and the remaining are yellow. There are 27 more yellow flowers than red ones. How many flowers are there in the basket?


Ans: ___________



72 flowers

Q9) Alan had 1/3​  as many marbles as Charles.
Ben had 5/6​  as many marbles as Charles.
If Ben had 48 more marbles than Alan, how many marbles did the three boys have altogether?


Ans: _____________


The three boys have 208 marbles altogether.

Q10) Sam has 96 English and Chinese books altogether. 3/4​  of the English books and 1/2​  of the Chinese books are fiction books. The rest are non-fiction books. He has a total of 24 Chinese books. How many non-fiction books does he have?



Ans: _______________


He had 30 non-fiction books.

Q11) The diagram below shows a 3 metre ruler. Express the value of A as an improper fraction.
 4th Grade Fractions Worksheets
Ans: ____________________ m
8/3​  m

Q12) There were 76 people at a swimming pool. 1/4​  of the people were adults. 1/3​  of the children were girls. How many girls were there at the swimming pool?


Ans: ____________



Q13) At a party, 3/7​  of the people attending were adults. 2/5​  of the children were boys. If there were 48 girls, how many people were there at the party?

Ans: _____________



There were 140 people at the party.

Q14) Mrs Ong had 2 and a1/2​  kg of flour. She used 1/5​  kg of the flour to bake a cake and 1 and a1/2​  kg of the flour to make doughnuts. How many kilograms of flour did Mrs Ong have left?

  1. 2/5​  kg
  2. 4/5​  kg
  3. 1 and a1/3​  kg
  4. 4 and a 1/5​  kg



Q15) ABCD is made up of identical triangles. What fraction of ABC is unshaded?

4th Grade Fractions Worksheets


  1. 3/9​ 
  2. 3/8​ 
  3. 5/8​ 
  4. 8/9​ 





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