4th Class Mathematics Fractions Question Bank

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Check these questions from our 4th Class Mathematics Fractions Question Bank. Answers and explanations are provided in our paid section- " Buy Courses"  We have over 500 Chapterwise tests that include all the chapters in the syllabus of Class 4 Maths.


Q1) Daniel spent 1/3 of the day in school. He spent 1/6 of the day at the child-care centre and the rest of the day at home.
What fraction of the day did he spend at home?

Answer: _______________


Q2) A florist had some roses in her shop. 
1/6​  of the roses were sold in the morning and 1/3​  of them were sold in the afternoon.
​​​​​​​If 66 rose were left, how many roses were in the shop at first?

Ans: ___________



Q3) Min had 3/7​  of the number of beads that Jake had at first. When Min received 22 beads from Jake, both of them would have an equal number of beads.

a) How many more beads did Jake have than Min at first?

b) How many beads did they have altogether?

Ans: (a) __________

        (b) __________

a. 11
b. 110

Q4) The four hexagons below are made up of 6 identical triangles each.
How many more triangles have to be shaded so that 5/6​  of the total area is shaded?

4th Class Mathematics Fractions Question Bank
  1. 12
  2. 15
  3. 3
  4. 18



Q5) James had a certain number of bookmarks.
He gave 3/4​  of the bookmarks to his brother.
James and Betty then shared the remaining number of the bookmarks equally.
​​​​​​​Given that James had 46 bookmarks at the end, how many bookmarks did he have at first?

Ans: __________

Q6) There are a total of 24 gymnasts and runners in the group participating in the Youth Olympic Games from Singapore. 2/3​  of this group are gymnasts. How many are runners?


  1. 16
  2. 12
  3. 8
  4. 4
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Q7) Fiona had 180 tarts. She gave 1/5​  of the tarts to her brother and some tarts to her cousin.  She had 104 tarts left.  What fraction of the tarts did she give to her cousin? Give your answer in its simplest form.



Q8) Yanni and Devi baked some pineapple tarts. Yanni ate 1/2 of the tarts. She ate twice as many pineapple tarts as Devi. If there were 35 pineapple how many pineapple tarts were left? 



17 tarts left
Q9) How many quarters are there in 2 2/8​  ?
  1. 9
  2. 16
  3. 18
  4. 20
Q10) A packet of marbles was shared among Wendy, Linda and Karen.

Wendy received 1/3​  of the marbles, Linda received 7/12​  of the marbles and Karen received the remaining marbles. If Wendy received 54 marbles more than Karen, how many marbles did Linda receive?

Ans: __________________


126 marbles
Q11) ABCD is a square. EFGH is a smaller square that is divided equally into 8 parts. What fraction of the figure below is shaded? 


4th Class Mathematics Fractions Question Bank


Q12) In the figure below, rectangle ABCD is made up of 6 unit squares. What fraction of the figure is shaded?

4th Class Mathematics Fractions Question Bank

Ans: _____________


Q13) Minah read 1/8​  of a book on Monday. She read 4/7​  of the remaining pages the next day. She completed reading the book on Wednesday. If the book consisted of 168 pages, find the number of pages Minah read on Wednesday.

63 pages
Q14) How many one-eighths are there altogether in 3 wholes?
  1. 138​ 
  2. 318​ 
  3. 8
  4. 24

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